Will Emerging of Google+ help SEO Market?

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  • Author Aiden Chloe
  • Published November 30, 2011
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Everybody is aware about the new Google Plus one launch in the World Wide Web recently. When you take a small peek into the Google+ networking portal or browse about it, you will see a tagline saying "Real-life sharing, rethought for the web". So, now that more than 25 million people have joined this new social networking circle online, should anyone find something pristine and impressive in it? Well, the answer could be suave pretty much as Google+ itself. There seem to be some interesting apps and features in this portal unlike Facebook, Twitter or Orkut. In general, Google wants to create a niche in every section of World Wide Web and has almost accomplished its vision. As far as for all search engine optimization consultant who are working round the clock to determine the best clicks of their client’s product or company will have top notch job to be done in Google+ and in its Internet marketing phase.

Today, when we talk about Internet Marketing, one of the biggest fish to catch is the ‘Facebook’ social networking site. Facebook has every interesting tidbit to addicts its user; in fact they were very successful with that mission. Almost more than 80% of the users were addicted to this mind-boggling networking site. The search engine optimization consultant was pretty convinced with their SEO market with the help of Facebook. Not surprisingly, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook turned out to be richer than Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google around this year. Well, this could be one of the reasons for launching Google+ and their attractive Google Plus +1 button, just to kill Facebook. You know, like how Facebook killed Orkut and outshined it once upon a time.

Be it Orkut, Facebook or even Google+, the SEO Market is going to have some big job to look for, especially when it comes to internet marketing and SEO analysis. Interestingly, if you Google about Google plus one or Google plus +1 button, it seems to be one of the best features in Google site. The Google plus one is nothing but it indicates its user to know that a ‘+1’ marked search results show that this is best voted article or most appreciated results that you are looking for, like, when you click on the +1 button, it signify that ‘this is pretty cool’ or ‘you should check this out’. In order to have the +1 button shown, one needs to sign up for the Google+ account first. A Search Engine Optimization Consultant is probably most watchful about the new Google Plus one button because this feature could turnout to be an incredible success.

Some of the experts in Internet Marketing have to tell that Google Plus one is awesome and they are pretty much sure that this is going to ‘Rock’ all search engine optimization consultant with a bagful of income line and rankings to their clients. Many think that it is sure going to create a WOW effect, but we really need to wait and watch for it.

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