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  • Published November 25, 2011
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My house, built in 2001, came with the automatic gate. The gate installer gives me 2 remote controls and I have to purchase another 4 for my parent, wife and 2 kids.

My 12 years old boy is a very forgetful person; he always misplaces the remote control in school or his friend’s house. Each times when he lost the remote control, I have to collect back all the remote control from all family members and spend few hundreds to purchase and reprogram new remote control. It is really wasting a lot of money and troublesome.

When I took a look at the Witura website, it was easy to see how the GSM gate opener benefit when replace of all the remote control. Basically, I can let my mobile phone be the universal remote control. I can now open my automatic gate, garage door, my shop roller shutter with my mobile phone.

I insert a SIM card into this small box. I will program my family cellular numbers inside the unit as well. When I call to the gate opener, the gate opener will check the calling number if inside the white list. If the numbers are in the list then it will reject the call and open the gate. The system did not answer the call; it simply checks the caller ID.

Their basic concept is very simple, all electric gate have a button that is used to open them. The GSM gate opener has a relay whose contact connected to the opening button. When you call into the unit, the system is intelligent to search your numbers under its white list. If your numbers register into the list, the unit will trigger the relay and open the gate.

My GSM operators did not charge me anything because the system just simply rejects the call. It won’t cost me anything to open the gate. Of course, an active SIM is needed for this solution.

My 14 years daughter is exciting with this new system. She likes to store and delete number into the GSM gate opener. She likes to play with the SMS and simply send the phone number that starts with password to the GSM gate opener. This solution only allows the person who knows the password can insert or delete the phone numbers via text messages.

Personally, I like this solution because the GSM gate opener does not have limitations like a normal remote control. Using a mobile phone you can open / close from very far away, even from another city. It is really convenient to arrive in front of my house when the gate is already open, without having waiting in the middle of the road.

Crimes such as kidnappings, vehicles theft, and armed robberies normally occur while waiting at the automatic gate to open. I feel more safety with this new solution. So, why want to be a victim? Prevention is always better than cure

My wife has a boutique shop in the city. Every morning, she has to wake up early and spend 40 minutes in the traffic jam just to hand over the keys to her workers. When I installed one unit GSM gate opener in the roller shutter, all the problem solved. Every morning, she doesn’t need to jam in the traffic just for the sick of open the roller shutter for her staffs. When her workers arrive to the shop, they just call her. Then she calls to the unit, the unit triggers the shutter button, the shutter will open. So convenience and she save a lot of time in the travelling and petrol. Her workers also will not late to work because they need to call her every morning to open the roller shutter

Everybody have mobile phone now, utilized what you have in your hand to create convenience for yourself and family. Use your mobile phone to open your gate, roller shutter, garages, and electric door without any cost. I can save a lot of money, travelling times, more safety and convenience when use this GSM gate opener. GSM Gate Opener is a practical system, simple and useful device for living.

You can find Witura GSM Gate Opener and a lot more at WITURA GSM SWITCH

You can find Witura GSM Gate Opener and a lot more at WITURA GSM SWITCH or email to

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