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  • Published December 5, 2011
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Without a doubt window tinting only adds to the positive experiences that driving can bring us, especially if we reside in a part of the world where the sun beating down is seemingly never-ending and ruthless. Without the windows being tinted the interior of our vehicle can become unbearably hot, leaving us with no option other than to use the AC – if we’re lucky enough to have AC, that it. This can seriously detract from the enjoyment that driving brings many of us, and in these instances we should seriously think about getting our vehicles windows tinted.

Apart from the overheating aspect, prolonged exposure to the suns UV rays can add to the chances of skin cancer, as well as making passengers in the vehicle uncomfortable inducing headaches for the driver. Babies and young children should also be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight as is can cause medical problems and damage eyesight.

As well as the risks to health there are also risks to the vehicles interior if it is not properly protected from the effects of the sun. Discolored and damaged upholstery and cracked leather are common problems caused by the sun. Window tinting can be an effective prevention against these problems. But protecting the interior and its passengers are not the only advantages that window tinting can provide; the list goes on and on.

Another major aspect of auto glass tinting is that the privacy factor; individuals can feel more secure and safe inside the vehicle if people outside cannot see in. When privacy comes into play car owners will typically choose a reflective tint as this is more effective at deterring passers by, and even burglars, from looking into the vehicle. While some people preferred to have their window tinting as dark as possible for privacy reasons, it is always worth remembering that different states have different laws regarding auto glass tint. Vehicle window tints that are too dark, or certain colors, can cause problems legally and can also have an effect on motor insurance and any subsequent claims.

Lu Stone is a consultant for home and vehicle safety, and has been providing information about window tinting homes and window tinting Las Vegas vehicles for a few years. She has two young children who she enjoys spending her free time with on the beach.

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