Decorative Birdhouses: What Makes Them So Popular?


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  • Published December 9, 2011
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The function of a birdhouse at times dictates its popularity but there are other reasons why particular nesting boxes are so popular. Birders recognize the functionality of a birdhouse but prefer something with an interesting form as well. Keep reading to find out why decorative bird houses are so popular.

Those who love watching birds, feeding birds, and offering them safe alternative homes are usually very appreciative of good art as well and they acknowledge the sensory benefits of having interesting and unique art in their homes and backyards. What actually are "decorative" birdhouses you might ask? Decorative birdhouses are any nesting box that has been primarily constructed to be an artistic feature for an individual’s garden or backyard, yet obviously one that will also be utilized as attracting nesting birds.

Miniature houses are the more elaborate decorative houses and are more often Victorian in style, completed with front porches, windows with frames and shutters, a shingle or metallic roof, and a chimney and possibly a steeple. Some look like Victorian mansions and others small cottages. Colors could be remindful of a Martha’s Vineyard crafted "gingerbread" beach home or in a conventional house color, primarily white. Also, several decorative houses just exhibit the Rosewood on the exterior.

These birdhouses can be functional for nesting birds, but the styling will impact your success. The nesting box needs to meet the fundamental requirements of a bird that nests in holes in order to be functional. Meaning there should be only one entrance, the "door". If the bird can only "go up" once inside, a miniature house with the ground level door being the bird's entrance hole may not be a successful nesting box. An entrance hole at the attic level or near the roof would increase your odds of this house becoming a home. The interior should also be weather proof and should be below the entrance hole to give you the best opportunity to have your decorative birdhouse occupied. Although interesting and great fun to look at, these "miniature" houses, churches, libraries, etc. are often made of materials that can with stand the Spring and Summer conditions making them functional but should not be left outside year round. The wood may have a hard time with extreme cold and wet, and the paint used is not always "exterior" quality paint.

An owner that is looking to display their appreciation for the outdoors and for nature will utilize these decorative birdhouses inside their homes. These items are frequently sold as accessories or accents by retailers as well as online. If your looking to compliment your own personal garden style and taste to make your birding experience all the more enjoyable; and when multiple bird houses are occupied by a variety of species of birds, the joy of the whole experience is multiplied. You won’t be disappointed.

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