Why is Real Wood Flooring So Desirable?


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  • Published December 9, 2011
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Hardwood floors add a rich, elegant look to a home. Experts at selling homes now say that remodeling bathrooms and kitchens may not help a home to sell, but installing hardwood floors gives the home a boost on the market.

Popularity of Hardwood Flooring

Years ago people were covering up it with carpet. Many older homes still have the original wood under carpet. That was a time when hardwood floors took a lot of time and work. Today, it is much easier to maintain. They only require routine sweeping or vacuuming, and the use of a professional cleaning product on occasion. Many people maintain their floors by wiping them down with a slightly damp cloth to pick up small dust particles.

Real wooden flooring does not require constant sanding and waxing as they did in the past. The floors are durable and scratch and stain resistant. In addition they are the most environment-friendly type of floor covering, as they can last a lifetime with proper care.

Variety is key as they come in many colors and sizes, so no matter what a person’s taste they can find a floor that will fit their décor and lifestyle. Whether it is oak, bamboo, maple, cherry or stained walnut, among other woods available. Some woods are very hard and provide long-lasting durability, while other woods may be less hard but are more pliable when put on a subfloor. There are variations in colors of the wood as well, as some woods are photosensitive which means they will change when it is exposed to light.

Benefits of Wood Flooring

It will give the homeowner flexibility in home décor and design. Any color can be used, and the room can be accented with area or throw rugs. Wall paint does not have to match a carpet, so greater design choices and flexibility comes with wood floors. Working well in nurseries as the room décor can change easily as the child grows. It does not harbor bacteria and other allergens like carpeting, so are a healthy option for floors.

Real, natural wood floors are not as expensive as they used to be due to the technology of making the floors. Considering that carpets and tile flooring have to be updated as they wear, wood floors are the best value since they are long-lasting.

Laminate and Engineered Floors

The new laminate floors have the look of real wood without the price. While laminate floors may resemble wood, they are not wood products. The floors are easily installed over existing floors, but repairs to the floors can cause problems as repair kits are not easily found. The laminate floors are very durable, but noisy when walked on.

Engineered floors are made from pressed plywood, so can be used in moist areas like basements that are not recommended for real hardwood floors. Engineered wood comes in all types and styles, and are friendlier to the pocketbook than hardwood and is often considered a step above laminate, but not as rich-looking as real hardwood.

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