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  • Published December 11, 2011
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With the big resurgence in wood flooring in today's homes, the wall to wall carpet has taken a back seat in many homes. Living rooms and bedrooms that were once covered in carpet are now covered in the most splendid of wood designs. Although many finished have been added to make these floors resistant to dings and scratches, they can still occur at an alarming rate.

With 9 by 12 area rugs being an excellent size for the standard home, they can be used in place of the wall to wall carpet to afford your wood flooring the protection that it needs from day to day life. Do not be deterred if this size rug happens to run into pieces of furniture because furniture legs that are placed atop your area rug will act as a stabilizer and keep the rug securely in place. In addition, these 9 by 12 rugs can be rolled up and taken to a professional cleaner when necessary.

An area rug will add to the warmth of any room. Cold winter days beg for the area rug when bare feet hit the floor in the mornings chill. They also act as a sound barrier which is an added attraction to the mother of boisterous, young children.

The Main Styles of the 9 by 12 Area Rug

The 9 by 12 area rugs are divided into three categories. Let's take a peek at what each of them has to offer.

Traditional rugs will have a more obvious design pattern. They are accentuated with bold color and feature designs that are geometric and floral. Their European influence catches the interest of many buyers and adds a touch of elegance to the home.

The area rug that is casual fits nicely with any décor. Its tendency to blend rather than pop out with its style makes it the perfect choice for the understated carpet. Simple designs and lines make it easy to work with when putting it into any room.

The transitional area rug will have qualities of both the traditional and contemporary styles. It will stand out less than the traditional rug, but make a greater statement than the casual rug.

With proper care these types of rugs will last for a good number of years. The number one rule of all buyers is to vacuum your area rug often and tend to spills and soiled areas immediately. Only the homeowner can know what is the best fabric and style for the purpose they wish to use the 9 x 12 area rug.

Opting for the Proper Color

When it comes time to make your choice of color in the 9 by 12 area rugs, be ready to spend some time looking. Solid colors and multi-colors abound in every design and style imaginable. Being the individuals that we are, our choices will reflect that individuality. Ask three friends what they feel is the best colors for your room, and you are sure to get three different answers. Be sure to please yourself and adorn your room with a color that expresses your taste alone. To make a choice based on another's opinion is asking to be unhappy with the area rug within a very short period of time.

A basic rule to follow is to keep the colors light and airy in a room that is small. These unassuming colors will open the room up. If you are blessed with a very large room you can go with the darker colors that will add both closeness and warmth.

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