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  • Published December 19, 2011
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America’s Next Top Model paid a stylish tribute to the King of dance, Michael Jackson, in its previous segment. The season 17 tribute regulated and judged by Jackson’s sister, La Toya Jackson, ended with Laura being declared to be the first call-out of the evening and Angela Preston and Lisa D’ Amatao slipping down to the bottom of the show’s scoreboard. With episode 6 of the show in line, it’s time to show Coca Rocha some real sexy skills with the football.

Shannon has built a Great Wall of Mistrust around her and the contestants in the upcoming episode of America’s Next Top Model have to be really careful while dealing with her. Season 17 sheds enough light on the fact that the contestants on the show really care about what their mates think about each other and, apparently, get affected, angered and irritated at any negativity directed at them. Shannon’s suspicion angers Bianca and fills her with irritation that eventually comes pretty badly at Lisa. A soccer event in the upcoming episode 6 of the show will probably provide Lisa, Bianca and Shannon with an opportunity to vent their anger at each other. So, we can certainly expect a few sparks out of the ball-game in America’s Next Top Model season 17 episode 6.

A bit of fashionable soccer for the sake of charity is not that bad an option for sure and if America’s top models are promising to dribble the ball in style, soccer fans might just demand ANTM’s immediate tie-up with FIFA to instill a lot of fashion in the World Cup matches. The fact that models would be joining two teams with professional players for a leggy battle with the ball, is strong enough to leave us yearning for an opportunity to lay back and watch America’s Next Top Model season 17 episode 6 online.

As the players start steering out the ball safely towards the opponent goal, we might hear the referee’s whistle not for a foul, corner, off-side or a hand-ball, but for a sudden photo shoot where the models, all out on the field, would be posing, unaware of their celebrity photo shoot partner who will simultaneously judge them for the night too.

Fashion diva Coca Rocha has been appointed as the guest judge for the evening. And she will be present along with Andre Leon Tally and Nigel Barker to pose with models on the field. As the night progresses, we can expect Tally and Barker to join Coca Rocha and the regular judge, Tyra Banks, on show’s judges panel. Fans, those regular with America’s Next Top Model season 17 episodes, can expect the upcoming segment to be slightly hard on the contestants as judges are still to carry out the last week’s elimination.

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