The Power of a Custom Facebook Fan Page

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  • Published December 16, 2011
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The Power of a Custom Facebook Fan Page

Social networking sites like Facebook have become a powerful tool for an online business. A business owner can take their website to a new level of marketing power just by using a social network site. By using one of these sites, a business owner can promote their product to an endless list of viewers. Friends and family can aide your marketing power by sharing your website with their friends and family. Before you know it, your online business is being viewed by thousands of potential customers with little effort on your part. There are a few steps to consider when using a social network.

When done correctly, an entrepreneur can supplement his/her business by using a Facebook fan page. Fan page template designs can be found on sponsored ads for free. While the thought of having a free page template is tempting, you should consider the level of quality that they offer.

Experts of website design suggest that business owners avoid using these free fan page templates. Most of the templates are considered sub standard and carry little professionalism. You want a fan page that stands out and grabs visitor attention. The pre designed templates seldom have the high quality desired by professional business.

When followers go to a fan page, the product or service is not the first thing noticed as a rule. They notice color schemes, profile images and the brand at first glance. You want to avoid the cookie cutter approach used by many of your competitors. You want to stand out to the reader with a unique look.

Many people compare a fan page to a store front display. In order to draw customers into the store, one must lure them with an interesting window display. The best way to accomplish this would be to hire an expert in window display. Facebook fan pages are no different. By hiring a professional to design your page will ensure the best quality of service. When you have a professional eye catching fan page, you are more likely to have the followers sharing the site with other Facebook users.

One of the greatest investments a business owner can make is to hire a professional web design company to customize a Facebook fan page. This will ensure greater exposure with the social networking and lend a professional appearance to the business.

Having a fan page name that relates to the business or product is imperative to your pages success. If your page name doesn’t grab the reader’s attention, they won’t be interested in looking any further. You want to grab the attention of the reader by using a name that relates your product or service, inviting them to look further and liking your page. This will encourage the reader to share your page with their friends and family. Clear understanding of your page and what it represents will ensure a larger reader base. Using your business name in your page heading will communicate to the reader what the page is about. Adding keyword in the title will also increase your success.

When you implement these ideas to your Facebook fan page, you will greatly improve your business by adding more value and exposure.

Tanya Jones is a staff writer for Flying Cow Design, a leading New York Web Design company.

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