With Boxer Briefs, Discover The Difference From Traditional Underwear

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  • Published December 19, 2011
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You work hard and you play hard, so you deserve to wear the ultimate in comfort from your underwear. Whether a boxer or briefs man, you will benefit from the fit and style of boxer briefs. Discover what boxer briefs can do for you, with a more snug fit and superior comfort. Many men feel that Boxer Shorts are far too loose, thus riding up and causing bunching. Conversely, a number of men have found that ordinary briefs were too tight, unattractive and restricting. Boxer brief combine the best of both worlds into one convenient, comfortable and attractive pair of underwear. The introduction of the men's boxer brief is a colossal improvement over the underwear of years past.

Boxer briefs do more than just cover you up and hold you in. they will give you a sexy, sculpted look that you cannot get with boxers. They are not as tight as women's underwear, but they will give you a more sleek and sexy silhouette of your lower body versus other types of underwear. Although ordinary briefs will offer you a tight silhouette, they do not offer the sensual look that boxer briefs can. Ordinary briefs offer you less coverage, but are also associated with being a child. No man wants to wear underwear that is similar to those that they wore as a youngster. This stigma will carry on with you into your adult years, so why would you want to wear the same underwear you wore when you were a kid? You don't.

Boxer briefs also appear similar to cycling shorts, but are made from different material. They are generally made of cotton for your comfort, but you can also purchase them in varieties that wick away moisture for maximum comfort or in a knit type, for a softer feel. These boxer briefs are created by men, for men, and are a more viable option for today's man than the traditional look and lack of comfortable feel that boxers or even traditional briefs offer. There are a variety of styles and brands available, so you are sure to find that perfect fit. If you are interested in a more sleek and revealing style with the maximum tight fit, perhaps a skimpy pair of 2eros is for you. These underwear are daring, racy and resemble Speedos. If you are not into that type of look, then perhaps a pair of Bonds will fit the bill. These underwear are form fitting, but offer excellent support, comfort and coverage in an array of color choices.

If you are a fashion forward man, or just have personality plus, then you will love Frank Dandy's underwear. These underwear are not skimpy cut, but offer bright, bold coloring, designs and accents that will promote visual interest. Instead of traditional 'tightie whities', a vivid stripe or Dalmatian pattern will add a bit of panache and fun to any underwear collection. No matter what your tastes, you are sure to find a pair of underwear that fit your needs in every way. From cut, to color, to functionality and support, you will find what you need to keep up with your busy world.

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