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  • Author Dave Anan
  • Published December 22, 2011
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Are you a Nigerian searching for the best online business in Nigeria that could be owned and managed by a Nigerian living in Nigeria? I want to reveal how you can successfully generate legitimate passive income from the internet if you have zeal, determination and courage.

Citizen of Nigeria and most Africa countries don't get a free pass on the internet, Nigeria specifically have bigger problem. As a Nigeria you are not allowed to sign up with click-bank, paypal and many other online payment processor.

We have written and sent several letter all to no avail. This have greatly hindered the success of Nigeria online entrepreneurs. Personally, I have had my own share of frustration and unwholesome treatment. This whole lots of black-listing going around made it very difficult for a Nigerian to set up and successfully run an online business in Nigeria, something that Comes really easy in most developed countries.

I consider myself to be among the very few persons that have chosen to succeed with an

online business in Nigeria and to do so against all odds. I want to show you how you

too can replicate the same level of success by setting up and running your own

online business.

Several years back we all started with Multi level marketing, we tried different

Species of multi level marketing (MLM) which of course never yielded any positive result. I started out with the quest to find a legitimate online business about ten

Years ago and I made no head-ways until two years back.

I feel the need to inform you that ninety percent of all the business opportunities you find on the internet will either get you depressed or discouraged, most of then yield absolutely no profit of any kind, those businesses they tell you will start Generating real income in a month or two.

Every real business takes at least six month to a year to set up, anything that seem too good to be true should be googled with peeled eyes.

If you want to run a legitimate online business in Nigeria you have to look away from the crowed and create your own website.

forget about those multi level marking they promise you would work wonders,

forget about the typing jobs they promise would start generating four figure

income in just two weeks, I have tried them all. they worst part is that you have

very little knowledge of the creators of most "get rich quick scheme"

If you want to establish a legitimate online business in Nigeria, take the time and

create your own website.

There are many ways to own a website; there are even free platforms like or where you can create a niche focused website that

would generate real income without going through the vigorous process of making

online payment which is becoming even more cumbersome by the day.

All you would require is knowledge about a particular subject because you need to

focus on a particular subject if you really want to live long on the internet. So if

you know so much about something, you can create a niche focused website and

generate real income to supplement your day job.

Along the line you can even generate real income that would make you resign from

your day job.

Alternatively, You can still chose to go through the vigorous payment process and

purchase one of the paid platform like SBI which has been reputed as the best when

it comes to creating a real online business.

This would have been the best option if

Nigeria credit cards are accepted on the internet although people are discovering

better ways to own SBI in Nigeria this days.

So in a nutshell, If you want to create a real online business in Nigeria that have

the potential to put you on the list of real business owners, you have to own your

own website and stop chasing "get rich quick" schemes. And the process of creating a website is not as tedious as most people believe it to be.

Most website owners started from scratch without any prior knowledge of creating

a website. So if they made it or should I say if we made it; you too can make it in


Dave Anan is the owner of, the most widely read website about Nigeria. Find out more about Business In Nigeria and even more about the Best Online Business any Nigerian could set up with little hassles

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