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  • Published November 3, 2011
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Is your kid protected from all Internet liabilities? As a parent we always want to ensure that our children are safe online. Recently, the University of New Hampshire conducted a study regarding Internet Exploitations on Children. It showed that 20% of children around the world have received internet sex solicitation while they are playing online games or whenever visiting chat rooms. Also, about 25% of children ages five to ten happen to be exposed to photos and videos of persons having sexual intercourse while visiting a website. Adding to the list is 5% of our children getting bullied or threatened online. This is where Parental Control Software comes in handy.

There are several Parental Control Systems that are available in the market with unique features. What makes an excellent parental control system, however, is not just its capability to monitor all of your children's online activities. Here are a few features that you need to consider before purchasing one:

Check its capabilities and effectiveness for Web Blocking. The world wide web is rapidly evolving and the speed of modification is increasing every day. Therefore, it is; smart to verify how rapid your parental control system will protect you against unwanted sites. Parental controls like KidsWatch can identify suspicious threat websites that are newly hosted or newly uploaded in the system, real-time.

Furthermore, there are a few parental controls that could only filter sites based by preset or set groups, including Porn, Drugs, violence, vices, hate, and much more. What you should look for are those that could filter proxies, web contents, and web addresses. This provides a much better thorough screening of all the websites your child visits. Therefore, when your child visits a video site, sings up as an adult, as well as attempts to view mature content materials, they'll just be surprised once they won't get to watch the site. This ought to be the same with downloading movies, photos, and other internet data; a similar program should apply.

Check out Predator Alert Availability - sex offenders will always be on the run targeting kids online. Several police cases and reports have proven such dangerous crimes, but only a few parental controls offer a Predator Watch feature. This feature helps in reducing the chance of your kids being victimized from future sexual solicitation, by providing real time e-mail alerts when a sexual offender attempts to talk with a child.

Check Application Blocking Features - Be sure that your parental control can read a site content before your kids could even see or utilized them. This is known as application filtering wherein all the adult programs and applications are instantly filtered according to its content and may be customized by the kid's age bracket. It should also be able to prevent IM applications, e-mail, games, website, and specific violent and adult programs.

Check Its Monitoring Capabilities - this is certainly by far a given feature that a parental control should have. It should be able to track emails, chats, website researches, and do screenshots. It must also have real time email notifications whenever suspected terms just like drugs or sex are typed, when explicit websites are being watched or downloaded, and whenever registered sexual offenders are communicating with a child.

Check Management Capacities - this is one feature that should never be taken for granted. Your parental control must be able to perform remote monitoring and management. This would enable busy parents who are always away for business trips or all those always in the office to monitor closely their children's online activities. Remote monitoring features, nevertheless; needs to include real time screenshots, real-time modifications of administrative rules and tool, and should include real time email notifications or text messages when a suspected activity is actually being held.

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