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  • Author Richard Spiller
  • Published January 4, 2012
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They have already kicked it up a notch. Jason Katzenback and Jason Potash have built a tool which can help greatly boost up your on-line traffic and moreover do it automatically. It's name is Auto Traffic Buddy.

Shortly after the extremely successful unveiling of Traffic Kaboom, a huge non-public blog community, they've introduced a different fantastic system that will help increase your search rankings.

Chances are you've probably previously heard of Traffic Kaboom. It is a extremely preferred throughout the internet marketing world and others go on and on regarding it. It happens to be regarded as arguably the favourite blog site syndicating system available today. The unveiling was extremely successful and you would be expecting absolutely nothing less from 2 guys who have been around for a long time and have developed quite a few effective products and solutions already in the community. Several of which I am a extremely pleased user of and you need to be also once you know what's good for you. I mean the product is very effective.

With all the hype about this system and 2 successful guys behind it you would probably imagine that everything would certainly happen as envisioned. I mean, these people have already been at this for quite some time and also to get where they are they most definitely were required to do a many things correctly along the route. Right?

Well, you may be stunned to know that although everything ended well, they did not commence that way.

One of the pitfalls in the launch of Traffic Kaboom ended up being that visitors to the sales page didn't know what the heck Jason had been talking about. I personally was in fact already a beta subscriber of Traffic Kaboom so I recognized just what it was and exactly what it did.

Basically, it's a renewed and renamed model of the private blog network Syndicate Kahuna with a few very nice additional features like integrating videos syndication.

However, you might never have figured anything like that out from the sales page. He went on and on about improving your website traffic but there was not many details about what sort of a product he was marketing and just how it might perform what he was saying. A long thread emerged regarding this at the warrior discussion forum and it was evident that people had been totally puzzled by Traffic Kaboom.

I don't know where exactly it was that the disconnect occurred and the reason the sales copy was so off target but it is really a pity mainly because Traffic Kaboom rocks !.

Well that's not going to happen this time around. I personally really don't care what they mention on the website, I am going to guarantee that you understand what exactly this unique latest program is all about given that it is wonderful. Accordingly I've gone ahead and made a video for you and it provides an overview the whole Auto Traffic Buddy Platform.

I will include what it is, what is included, the way it works, the way it improves your position as well as why you ought to get it.

Go check out my full video overview of Auto Traffic Buddy at

Dying for more backlinks and higher rankings? Who isn't? Check out my full video review of Auto Traffic Buddy.

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