Affordable and Festive Indoor Holiday Decorating Ideas


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  • Published January 8, 2012
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It is the time of year when we begin to experience cool air, changing leaf colors, increased visits by our family and friends, and for most, attention paid to affordable indoor holiday decorating ideas. It’s time spent in the attic, garage and that closet that gets the least attention the rest of year by those who are looking for ways to decorate for the holidays without breaking the bank. Fortunately, affordable indoor holiday decorating ideas are a great way to celebrate the holidays and still have money left for the New Year.

Start at the Front Door

Stepping into a home with a table in the foyer area covered by a nutcracker runner, or floral Christmas basket will immediately set the mood for the festive occasion. Red bows hung in the foyer or a hallway decorated by lighted string Christmas card holder can be a warm greeting for a visitor. A snowman rug or welcome mat inside the front door will convey a greeting, saying "We are glad you are here to join us in celebrating the season." Don’t ignore the opportunity to make the first impression a statement of celebration and welcome. Indoor decorating the entrance into the home can be very affordable.

Decorate the Common Areas

The lighted Christmas tree need not be the only effective decoration. Throw pillows decorated with the season’s theme for the sofa or chairs are an inexpensive and yet expressive way to celebrate the season. Lighted cordless wreaths and garland are becoming more and more affordable and are great ways to decorate a mantle or the top of a door frame. Lighted cordless corner swags will welcome the visitor as they pass through a doorway from one room into another. Ceramic snowmen on the end tables or colorful Santa doorstops can be used as affordable but effective ways to decorate.

Include the Food

Decorating ideas should include those areas were food is being served. Most families will entertain by having others into their home for dinner or snacks. A holiday centerpiece is an inexpensive way to dress up one of the most central areas of holiday gatherings. Candles are always an affordable way to decorate a table. A hurricane lamp globe with a candle inside and surrounded by garland is an inexpensive festive and seasonal centerpiece. A Santa’s sleigh votive candle set will please children and adults alike. While children are often focused on the lighted Christmas tree, adults are most often focused on the food. A suede holly and poinsettia decorated table runner will add festive color to the serving table. Nutcracker place mats and napkins can be an affordable way to decorate. Holiday chair covers complete the holiday dining experience.

Deck the Halls and Walls and Nooks and Corners

Wall decorations are festive and need not be expensive. Christmas holiday paintings and photos are eye catching and pleasing and add to the atmosphere of celebration. Fireplace screens and magnets, music boxes, Christmas plates and wire holders, plush animals sitting around on tables and chairs, hanging Advent calendars and Santa cookie jars are all affordable and expressive ways to celebrate.

Indoor holiday decorating ideas do not have to be expensive and complicated. After all, the season is to be enjoyed, and should not be a season of stress brought on by excessive spending for decorations. A person’s expression of joy and celebration that results from this holiday season can be displayed by doing thoughtful decorating with little expense.

Bianca Bowman loves the holiday season. From tree decorating, dirty Santa gift exchange, time spent with family and friends, and festive Christmas décor, there is so much to enjoy about the season. Once the decorating is done, the holiday entertaining can get started!

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