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  • Published November 22, 2011
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Security is not only vital for business owners it is now also getting more and more important for home owners to have all types of security systems installed.

It could be a simple installation of a motion detection flood light which does deter unwanted visitors. But add a CCTV security camera at your entrance and the security of your home or business doubles.

If an unwanted visitor comes up your drive way or near your business entrance and you have a flood light that comes on when it detects motion as well as a large CCTV camera in a housing to make it very obvious, it will make the visitor will think twice before taking any unwanted actions.

CCTV cameras will not deter all criminals but it will make most of them think twice before trying to damage property or entering your premises.

Unfortunately there will always be some individuals that are not able to see what the impact of having your actions caught on CCTV cameras could cause. But even if your home or business premises should be unfortunate enough to have such an individual damage it or try to forcefully enter it, at least it will be caught on camera and the individual could be caught and punished for the offence.

When you walk up to a property with some security equipment installed, you notice it without even thinking about it. It makes you feel a little bit safer without taking much notice. There could be CCTV cameras, access control and video door entry systems in place. All of these security features will enhance the feeling of safety at home or at your place of work.

When you then come closer to the entrance of the premises and see a keypad and a door entry, this makes you think. Personally I am impressed and interested when seeing access control and door entry systems installed, especially at somebody's home. This makes me feel as if somebody really cares about their property and family (if it is at somebody's home). I obviously have security equipment installed at home and feel so much safer because of it. As I am a woman and have young children at home, it is essential for me to feel safe at home even when my husband is not there at night time.

If my husband goes out at night time, I still feel safe because I have the CCTV system installed as well as the door entry to view anybody ringing our door bell.

Our latest addition to our security system at home is a keypad at our backdoor. We installed a new yale lock with a keypad, which has improved our life a great deal. It probably sounds a bit silly that a new lock and a keypad could improve your life?!? But actually it has! Before our new addition to our security system we had to bring a key with us every time we went out the back door as the door would lock automatically once the door was shut, even if we only went into the back garden. This was a pain! Everytime you went into the garden having to bring your key with you, how many times do you think I forgot to bring it out with me?!? Many many times...

Now we can walk outside not worrying having a key with us and not having to worry about the door being unlocked. Simply punching in the key into the keypad and hey presto you can gain access to your home again, without any keys!!!

Apart from our latest addition to our security system we have a video door entry installed as I feel much safer opening the door knowing who is outside. Personally I do not feel the need of having a colour Video door Entry system installed, we have a black and white video door entry and this has been a wonderful addition to our security system. At night time you only get black and white image anyway on your colour video door entry, unless of course you have sufficient lighting at your entrance for the system to be able to show the image in colour.

Before we had the video door entry installed I always felt uneasy opening the door as I did not know who was outside. Maybe this was due to previously not living in a very good area so you could actually expect any stranger standing outside the door with no good intentions. But now I can chose if I want to let somebody in, just talk to the person outside via the door entry or completely ignore the caller!

Naturally we also have CCTV Cameras installed outside our home. We have some very visible cameras, mainly to ensure unwanted visitors sees the cameras and are put off by them but we also have some that are a bit harder to detect. Purely to ensure we get all angles covered that we feel are vital in a case of anybody trying to breaking and entering our property.

I love all types of new Security inventions and I am so happy with our keypad, door entry and CCTV, I genuinely would not want to live with out them! It does make me feel a little bit safer and gives me piece of mind when leaving our home for a period of time. I know that we can never entirely stop criminals breaking in or damage our home but at least I know if they do try they will get caught in action.

Molly French - Webmaster - SecureLondon Limited

I specialise in Home and Business Security - we both supply and install CCTV, Door Entry and Access Control equipment.


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