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  • Published November 22, 2011
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Why are so many people these days purchasing and installing Video Door Entry systems? Especially with recent events in mind I believe the Security in your home and for your Business is on everybody’s mind day and night.

Most people have at some point had the experience of surprise when somebody knocks on your door. Who could that be? It could be that it is early morning or late at night, do you really want to answer the door not knowing who is at the other side. You may be alone at your home or have young children with you. Or you simply may not be appropriately dressed to open the door!

What ever the reason, the simple solution would be to have a Video Door Entry System installed. You could then quickly have a look who is at your front door before deciding to open. Should you not be sure of who is there or what they want, you can simply pick up the handset and talk to the person outside. You then have the opportunity to decide if you wish to open to this person or not, it may be a sales person knocking on your door or it could be a delivery that you urgently required but totally forgotten about when you heard the knock on your door. There is also the added bonus for elderly people of deciding whether or not to open the door when a stranger stands outside, there are unfortunately so many con artists about who target elderly people especially. When you have the door entry installed you will have this added advantage of knowing you do not have to open the door, once its open people outside can be much more difficult to get rid of.

For some people it may also be suitable to have a door release installed which enables you to open the door from the handset of the video door entry, rather than having to go to the door itself and open it up. This could be very convenient for elderly people, people with disabilities which prevents them from freely move around, or maybe the front door is down a flight of stairs which could be difficult and time consuming to climb up and down. You would hear the buzz and have a look who is outside, decide if its a person you wish to let in and just press the door release button to let them in.

Even for many business premises there are great advantages of having a Video Door Entry fitted. For example many offices are located on the first floor, maybe above a shop or another business premises. To avoid having people freely walking through the door and into your office, to minimize any security risk, you could fit a Video Door Entry which people would have to ring in order to gain access. In this scenario it would also be very convenient with a door release avoiding having staff running up and down the stairs to open up for your clients.

It could also be for businesses such as Children’s Nurseries that there is a higher security risk than other types of businesses, the staff must ensure the person they let into their premises are an authorised person to pick up a child. They could prevent any unnecessary arguments by confronting the person via the Video Door Entry rather than face to face. Security at Children’s nurseries are of paramount importance and having the assistance of the video door entry for the staff is a great advantage. Children’s nurseries should in my opinion have access control and door entry as well as CCTV systems installed. These systems would not be there to ‘catch’ anybody out, they would simply be there as a further tool for the staff to use and enable them to ensure the children are safe at all times. There can be issues with pick ups of children especially at a nursery and if a person has been banned from the premises, if you cannot see who you are letting in, they could be much more difficult to fend off if they are inside your premises and could of course also cause damage both to property as well as staff.

Other areas where more and more Video Door Entry systems are used, along with CCTV systems, are shops with high value goods, such as jewellery shops. They could buzz people into their premises after being able to view them via the Door Entry System. Naturally this is a help only and cannot entirely prevent criminal activities to happen. But it is also a preventative method, the person who stands at the Video Door Entry knows they have been seen and could later be recognised should any criminal activity take place, such as theft or damage of goods/property.

The video door entry systems comes in many shapes and sizes, you can have a black and white video door entry which in most cases will be more than sufficient. The quality of picture is usually very good and you would only get black and white picture at night time even if you have the colour video door entry system installed. The colour video door entry systems tends to be rather more expensive and I personally do not find the benefit of colour video entry to be worth the extra expense. You can also chose from having a handsfree video door entry system, ie you would have to press button on the video door entry monitor directly rather than having to pick up the handset.

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