The Rise And Fall Of A Silent Movie Superstar

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  • Published January 3, 2012
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You are a superstar. Your every single act, whether in real or reel life, captures the front page. You live and love every moment of fame. Drenched in fame and fortune, you wouldn’t realize that when you will fall, you won’t be able to get up again.

What will you do?

Will you just sit back and fall?

Will You?

The Artist is a tale that showcases the life of a superstar and how things start to fall apart, courtesy - technology. Every now and then, film makers attempt to pay tribute to their favorite actors or film makers or the style. But can you imagine a film maker paying homage to the era of silent cinema. Yes, Michel Hazanavicius is out with such a tribute in the form of The Artist.

The era of silent cinema is an altogether different era. This form of cinema largely depended on the way the actors acted; their expressions and actions were the dialogues. And somehow, the films of silent era were phenomenal. You can get a download of the list of those films to know what I mean. The Artist, which has a unique storyline, has beautifully depicted and gave a tribute to silent films. Jean Dujardin plays George Valentin, while Berenice Bejo stars as Peppy Miller in this new age silent movie.

The period that it is sent in is 1927-1931; silent cinema was on the verge of extinction at this time, thanks to talkies. Watch The Artist full movie online to see how introduction of talkies jeopardized the career of many silent film actors.

One such actor is George Valentin, who rubbished the idea of talking cinema, assuming it won’t last for long. He was confident about his caliber as an actor, but very soon, things started to fall apart.

Download The Artist movie and find out how an upcoming star quickly becomes everyone’s favorite, and pushed George Valentin in oblivion. The new star is Peppy Miller, who’s ready to take the box office by storm. People and George’s fan connect with Peppy, as she becomes the new starlet.

George Valentin decided to take matters in his own hands, trying to make a silent movie. This was his desperate attempt to revive the industry as well as his career. He couldn’t watch the industry die. The Artist is a heartrending tale of a superstar. The movie he directed bombed at the box office! And that’s not all, the stock market crashed, dooming him for ever. You can catch up with the full movie, as it would soon be available online.

Watch The Artist online without downloading and witness if George was able to come out of this situation. This film is all about living the by-gone era mixed, with stellar performances pitched in by Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo.

Watch The Artist online without downloading and witness. You can Download The Artist Movie here as well.

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