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  • Author Lisa Jhonson
  • Published January 8, 2012
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The internet as a place has always faced one major challenge. Personalizing the web space. That the web should be something different for everyone. That the web should be a space personal to every individual. Every major company has tried to achieve exactly that. Every website has tried to show case a platform where the user experience is personalized. Through the use of multiple APIs to focusing on subjects and topics of interest, the web has tried and seen it all. It seems that in Google after the Inside Search media event which was held in San Francisco earlier this year, the engineers have tried to make searching the web, and even browsing a more personalized experience . As of late Google have rolled out features focused exactly on that enabling them to remain the common man’s favorite search engine.


In an effort to get more up and personal with its users Google released another add on to its already huge array. Named Google Related it is essentially a Google Toolbar feature and also comes as a Chrome extension. The primary work of this is to connect the users to the content relative to what they are browsing. Whenever the user visits a website with content focused on something particular or celebrities, the Google Related bar pops up and brings with it an array websites, videos, and images related to the content which is being browsed. Click here and get a personalized web. Google Image Search. No. Not the normal place where we search images by a particular query. But a place where you search about a particular image. Where you drag and drop an image and then Google does its magic. This particular service is indeed a path breaker in terms of searching which allows the user to search in terms of image. Click here and see it yourself. +1. The awesome Google Plus One button. Simply put it allows Google to give you personalized search results based on the metrics and the +1’s that we put all across the internet. The +1’s help Google to analyze the types of , websites we like and hence giving us search results focused on our tastes. In other words, it enables Google to give us relevant search results.


Google voice enabled search for mobiles a long time back. But the integration of the same into desktops took a real long time. And it was in this year on the 14th of June that Google launched voice enabled search for desktops. Even though the functionality is still limited only to chrome it is still a breeze to use if we don’t mention the problems with accents. But yes. Google does try its best to be the best at what it is exceptionally good. Also to the same list is the Google Instant Pages. A feature which enables users to get to their desired search page even faster. This feature is enabled by pre-rendering technology which enables Google to show screenshots of pages which seem the most relevant to the search query.


Here are some statistics:

Google realized over 2000 specific Search Experiments in 2010. During 2010 Google improved its core algorithm doing around 500 changes to it. Now in 2009, Google would return approximately 51,900,000 results in 0.25 seconds for the search term "Dog" [From Mashable. Click Here for the link] In 2011, Google returns 1,350,000,000 results in 0.18 seconds for the search term "Dog". Google innovates every day. Google overhauls its own benchmarks every day. A day at Google is a day of creation through innovation. And in words of the engineers who bring us Google Search: People often talk about "the Google results" but the truth is there is no single "Google" — at any given time there are 50-200 different versions of our core algorithm out in the wild. Millions more when you realize your search results are personalized to you and you alone. To get the most personalized experience – log into your Google account. This is a series of blog posts focusing on Search Engines. We would love to have guests authors contributing to this. If you are interested use the contact form in the website to get in touch. The images and video are from Google. The featured image is from Wikipedia and is a screen shot of the first home page of Google. The videos are from Google official YouTube Channel. For more information go to

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