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  • Author Marry Missis
  • Published January 17, 2012
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Catching up with motion pictures, often lands an individual in a febrile state, where the fad has become something synonymous with an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). While the naysayers might quote umpteen factoids to support this contention, the fact remains that those bonds with films are hard to be shredded. Be it the latest one, or those belonging to the golden era, the yearning knows no end!

The yearning is satiated, only when a glimpse is captured in the pupil, for a fairly long period of time. Movies have acquired a high stature in our lives, owing to the stress-buster-quotient adhered with them. Even if it’s for a while, the good thing is that one gets to drift away from the daily woes, into a miraculous world, where gravity can be challenged and a smooch is all that is required to impress your gal!

We inhabit Earth in times of gross marketing, wherein the reach of a product is of utmost importance to those behind the machines. Yet-to-be-released films also happen to fall in the same category, with a craze for the upcoming ones being inflated to unprecedented levels by hordes of advertisements that simply enhance the interest of the audience.

So, Tom from California and Esther from Barcelona want to watch latest movies online, as they do not want to miss out on the excitement front! Their enthusiasm makes for an interesting watch, as they try to take different alleys to attain their objective. While the latest movies are readily available online, one needs to look out for all those blips, which might result in an imminent catastrophe.

While some forthcoming films are preceded by scandals, allegations and counter-comments, there are others, which are followed by adulation from all and sundry. Fans even tend to board the flight, that being of the latest movies list and henceforth, start a journey that takes them towards their favorite destination.

Looking forth, latest movies are very much like waiting for Christmas! And you wonder, like a kid, what all would Santa Claus have in store for you! While one has a list of contorted things, which might be realistic, there are others, which are unfathomable – however, the enthusiasm is always hard to be suppressed! The charm of the movies always makes you tingly and happy, from the very core!

Whatever might be the reasons, depending upon the person, the latest movies have a special place in one’s heart and that craving is beyond explanation. As we welcome the time when long queues before theaters have become a thing of passé, that fifteen-inch screen of the laptop, is calling forth, with its arms open and ready to take us into a Shangri-la of its own!

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