How to Get Web Visitors Excited About Your Products & Buy Online

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  • Published January 10, 2012
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How to Get Web Visitors Excited About Your Products & Buy Online

Millions of products and services can be found online. Just enter a product name in any search bar and you can find an endless list of suppliers. The question is which one will you purchase. This question is forever on the minds of website owners, who are always looking for new and innovative ways to attract new customers. There are several basic steps that can be taken to encourage customers to choose your product over the competitors.

With so many websites online, it is key that your website reaches consumers and grabs their attention. Your goal is to get the customers excited about your product and encourage sales. This may take more than a flashy website and a terrific product or service. Take a look at these tips for increasing your online sales.

Provide Website Impulse Buys

Impulse buys are the countless items near or at the check out that catch a customer’s eye. These items are strategically placed here to entice customer while they wait in line at any store. The same method is used online as well. When a website offers impulse buys, visitors will notice and buy the items, therefore increasing online sales.

For example, a cosmetic company can position an ad for lip gloss next to an article about the products offered for lip care. Linking the ad to the cosmetic product page will offer the customer a view of all products offered on the website and encourage online sales.

Offer Something of Value For Free

With the vast market of products online, many online businesses struggle to market their product. This doesn’t mean that the product is inferior to competitors, it just means that the company is having trouble getting the product name out there. Offering something of value, such as an online video or a free e book download promoting your business will peak the interest of consumers. Offering something for free that the consumer can use can greatly increase product exposure.

Offer a Feedback Form

Every website especially ones where people can buy online, should have a feedback form. This form allows the website owner to receive honest feedback from customers. This feedback will help the owner make adjustments within the website to accommodate future customers. When a business knows what customers like and dislike, they are well on the way to a better online business experience. Without the input from customers, a business may lose customers and sales.

Provide Various Buying Options

Ordering online can be a bother to some people, especially if there is only one form of payment. Many sales have been lost due to the lack of payment options. Providing the customer with a variety of payment options is detrimental to any online business. For example, many people who order online do not want to give their credit information online. By offering pay by phone mailing a check or pay by fax will be greatly appreciated and beneficial to the business.

These are simple, yet extremely powerful elements that can make a huge difference to performance of your website. A good web design company would factor in these elements while designing your website.

Tanya Jones is a staff writer for Flying Cow Design, a leading New York Web Design company.

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