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  • Published January 14, 2012
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In an emerging company, running a business alone is difficult. It’s not too easy to deal with workers, even if you've got great and talented managers in your team. Added to this is the reality that you have to invest additional time in keeping all of your clients’ optimization processes—from the initial process of obtaining proper key phrases for them, turn these key phrases into articles, to working on their keyword rankings and website statuses.

Nevertheless, if you’re determined and lucky enough to deal with these complexities without hardship, you're destined to grow, acquire more clients, expand, and turn out to be appealing to other companies. Thus, putting an additional eye to incoming prospects and interested parties is an extra ‘difficulty’ for your limited body.

Perhaps, it is the proper time to team up with an SEO reseller. Getting a trusted guy who will serve as the bridge to your clients and prospects can give you more focus as a company owner. But, getting a trusted and talented Reseller in your team isn't as easy as reciting a popular nursery rhyme, because you've got to consider some issues before signing one up, and including one in your business.

These are the things you need to consider prior to hiring/partnering with a reseller:

He needs to be interested and passionate concerning the entire concept of his next job. Let’s face it, many aspiring resellers today are just ‘applying’ for cash. While cash is indeed a part of the reason why individuals aspire a particular job, doing so as the sole cause may harm your business. Look for individuals with a passion for it. He does not need to be knowledgeable about SEO, what’s essential is the willingness, devotion, the time and effort put into it, and, of course, striving to be better at it. Love and passion for the enterprise is unquestionably the most important factor for this job.

He also needs to have the ‘people skills.’ As said earlier, having an SEO understanding isn't a requirement, for it's a thing one can learn through the classes and trainings provided. Yet, one should have proper communication abilities, a factor one can't teach to individuals. In other words, he should have the capability to use words to persuade and influence individuals about the importance of Search engine optimization in their very own endeavors.

Charisma is one thing but mindset is really a prized weapon. Well, it is great to have a charismatic, amiable, and engaging guy within your team, but if he doesn’t have a positive and great attitude towards the company, then charm will prove useless. Furthermore, one essential attitude in this business is patience. If he’s the impatient type of person, chances are, he would not endure as a reseller, given that there would be occasions that getting clients is not at all times smooth sailing.

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