Why You Should Use Article Rewriters and Article Spinning As Effective Traffic Builders

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  • Published January 12, 2012
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There are times when you need to recreate an article you have previously written using different words, terms, phrases, sentences etc. so that the new article conveys exactly the same meaning to the reader as the original.

Website authors seeking traffic often rewrite articles to gain more links to their websites. To comprehend this you need to understand a little about how the Internet works. The more visitors your website receives, the higher the number who will click on the adverts on your website or buy goods from you. Also the closer to the top of search results your website comes for the terms (keywords) people are seeking on the Internet, the more traffic you will receive.

Many search engines calculate a sites popularity by among other things counting how many sites link to it and in turn how popular those sites are i.e. if your site is linked to by a site that has many links pointing to it then you get more credit. Therefore, the more websites you can persuade to link to yours, the better your site will be positioned in search engine results.

You can boost your web sites ranking by distributing articles (called article marketing) to the web for other people to use as free content on their sites and blogs. A critical part of this as far as search engines are concerned is that these articles almost always include a profile portion at the end which contains links pointing towards your website. In some cases you are also allowed to have similar links within the article itself so that once your article is republished on their site they link to yours.

Using article marketing, you can get hundreds of links to point towards your website by the creation of a single article. However the effect is not as strong as you would expect because search engines and in particular Google will devalue, or reduce the number of these links pointing to your website if they detect that they all come from the same article published and republished many times over. To overcome this effect you can rewrite or spin your articles to create hundreds of unique ones so that you gain the full benefit in terms of generating links.

Article spinning is similar to rewriting articles except it that it is partly (or fully) automated. Article spinning tools take your article, look through it and match the words in it to the words in a library of synonyms. They then insert these synonyms in your article as alternatives to the words they match. Once you click on the spin button, the tool goes through your article and one by one randomly replaces the matched word with one of the alternatives. It then saves the new article and starts all over again with the original until it has created as many unique articles as you require - 50, 100, 250 etc. Spinners can also replace phrases and sentences with alternatives ones that you write to make the articles even more unique.

Different tools spin in different ways - some are manual others are classed as automatic. Automatically spinning your articles involves your spinner choosing the synonyms that are inserted in your article for you. Manual spinning of articles on the other hand is under your control. In manual spinning you decide exactly which synonyms are inserted in your article so that your final articles make sense. You should never use an automatic spinner as they almost always produce very poor and nonsensical grammar.

One way of getting even more unique articles is to combine rewriting your articles with spinning them. There are also article spinners that help with the distribution process so that you don't have to do it manually (which is a very time consuming task).

The major advantage of article rewriting and spinning it that it helps you create articles that would take months to create. It also helps you generate links and potential traffic to your website very rapidly. In addition, you can also benefit from referrals as visitors to a site where your article was republished are sometimes interested enough to click on the links in the article and visit your site.

While search engines love unique articles, spinning currently relies on the fact that search engines are not advanced enough to be able to understand the meaning of sentences, but can only tell if they contain the same words. If they eventually become advanced to the point where they can compare the meanings of two differently written sentences and declare them identical, then publishing spun articles to build website links could become redundant.

Various types of spinners and rewriters exist including those you have to install on your computer and online services. Some types combine spinner and rewriter together so you can get the ultimate in unique articles.

You should completely avoid using automatic spinners as they often completely distort your original sentence so that it ends up saying things that make no sense at all e.g. the word file can mean register, smoothen or record so the sentence "could you please file this letter?" could end up as "could you please smoothen this letter?" which is meaningless - unless someone sat on it by mistake!


A combination of article spinning and rewriting along with publishing unique articles is one of the best ways of generating links to, and gaining more traffic for your website. Attracting more traffic to your site will in turn boost your sales and advertising revenue.

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