The ancient goddess Fortune – the classiest wall art sculpture gift to wish someone good luck.


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The ancient Romans and Greeks believed in a wide range of gods and goddesses.

Many of these may originally have had a connection with forces of nature, natural phenomena and may have had characteristics similar to the characteristics they displayed in human life.

If you want luck in order to get the one you are after, it is now possible to add the classic touch to your place with beautiful Ithaca’s hand-crafted wall art sculptures, representing the goddess of chance, success and fortune.

Fortune in Roman mythology, the personification of chance or luck is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Tyche.

Daughter of Oceanus, she differed from her sisters’ Fates who were goddesses engaged in spinning the thread of human life, in that she worked without rule, giving or taking away at her own pleasure and dispensing joy or sorrow indifferently.

She might bring good or bad luck and she was often represented as veiled and blind, as in modern depictions of Justice, and came to represent life's capriciousness.

Greek artists generally depicted the goddess Fortune with a globe or a rudder, as emblems of her guiding power, or wheel or wings as a symbol of her mutability.

Famously renowned for favouring the brave and the fools, the Roman and Greek goddess of chance and luck always favoured those willing to take a chance and those who used the opportunities that were presented to their full advantage.

The goddess Fortune rewarded those who embraced life and who did their best to flow and learn from the ebbs and currents that are a part of it.

The Romans proudly declared that when she entered their city she threw away her globe and took off her wings and shoes to indicate that she meant to dwell with them forever. Later, she is represented with a bandage over her eyes and a sceptre in her hand, sitting or standing on a wheel or globe.

Now you can take your Fortuna home or you can present it as a good luck charm to your friends.

Available in four different versions, on a fragment bas-relief, plaque or oil lamp the goddess of Fortuna is a great gift for bringing both you and your loved ones good fortune and is well received by all Roman and Greek art lovers. Ithaca Art’s wall sculptures are perfect to add to the style of your interiors and exteriors, whilst learning more about the gods that used to rule the ancient world. You can now do this without having to visit a museum at

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Each piece of art is handmade using the same ancient techniques and materials as the originals.

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