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  • Author Patric Boardmann
  • Published January 18, 2012
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Domain names registration has more to it than meets the eye. The attitude detected by the search engine gives clues as to the authenticity and legitimacy of web site owners. When a web site owner invests money to reserve his domain name with a registrar for a considerable number of years it is taken by Google as a sign that the business attached intends to stay around as a permanent corporate citizen of the Web, thus gaining points toward better rankings.

The very first thing you should do when deciding on an SEO marketing campaign for the company web site is to log in to your domain provider account and extend your active domain names to their maximum terms possible. It's a change that Google will detect easily and the brownie points will be automatic, it's programmed into the algorithm that this makes a website more reputable one, not a page constructed suddenly for a fly-by-night scheme of some sort. (How many have there been since the dawn of the Internet?) The best way to show Google you have an important, straight-up business is to spend a few dollars on your branding. If you reserve the domain name for ten years, it gives the search engines confidence that the business is for real.

The second thing you should do is find a consultant who can write in the SEO style; this means being able to roll through the keywords in a maximum number of combinations on a regular basis during the articles. They can form the anchor text around which to construct links back to the landing pages. The SEO will want to find as many URLs with text content on them as possible to use as landing pages, including at least one .tel site, YouTube ads, FaceBook, and Twitter: the combined weight of deep linking will aid the overall strength in the rankings.

The nature of the tel site is something that requires some explanation as it is a recent development: the .tel domain can't be applied to just any website; it runs on a template that works with a special Google algorithm. That being said, it's a marvelous algorithm and so it should be used to full advantage for your SEO program - all it takes is the knowledge that it exists and the enthusiasm to promote it.

The knowledge is this: the .tel websites can be loaded with content and keywords. After that, as URLs they react very well to SEO promotion - and faster than a normal web site. They start competing in the rankings within weeks on both smart phones and computers (mobile or desktop), usually on some pretty major keywords. They keep climbing, and they can be made larger with sub-domains. Moreover, after observing ten campaigns it became clear that the .tel sites were exerting a positive influence on the rankings of the pages of the main sites that they represented.

It seems to be a wise move to buy some cheap domain names to reinforce your main web site's position. The cost of the domain name and the linking program will represent a small initial outlay over and above your website design costs that will pay off for years in more visitor traffic for the business.

It is apparent that many businesses are going to be in the dark about the .tel suffix so it's a great treat for more ambitious types who like to try out a new idea. Since society and the business world can be condensed into smaller media, people can live through their cell phones. It won't be long before everybody does the majority of their Web surfing from a phone, so to register domain names for .tel websites would make sense. Usually a good idea can become flooded with participants right away, but for now the little screen on the cell phone has room for one more domain name to be promoted to the top.

Pat Boardman is an SEO Consultant writing in respect to domain names registrar company Sibername, who also provide web hosting internationally.

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