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  • Published January 19, 2012
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If you take a look at your website’s traffic sources, you’ll learn that there are three places where your visitors come from. There will be some who come to your site direct by typing in your website address on their browser. There are others who visit your website by clicking on links from other website. It might be that you’re linked with a website about fashion trends and an individual might find your products interesting and that’s why they clicked on the link to your site. However, a huge percentage of your traffic will come from search engines and this is why San Francisco SEO is an important tool for you to work with.

While it’s true that you can get good business from people who come to you directly or who come to you through links from other sites, you’ll have a big boost in your business when you work on optimizing your site for search engines. Essentially, many of your customers wouldn’t know who to go to for the things they need. They’ll be pulling up their favorite search engines to point them to the right direction. When you work with a good San Francisco SEO company, they’ll be doing everything in their power to get you on the top ranks of search engine lists.

As you can see, when people do a search on Google for items related to what you’re selling in the market, they’ll see your website address on the list and they’ll click on it. Now that they’re on your website through San Francisco SEO, you can sell to them by providing images of your products, how-to articles about using your products and also how these things can help them make their lives more convenient. Clearly, your website can be your greatest salesperson and this works hand in hand by optimizing your website on search engines.

When the brunt of traffic to your site comes from search engines, it’s time for you to look for a good San Francisco SEO company to make your website optimized on engines like Yahoo and Google. From just the small number of people that directly comes to your site and referrals from other website, you can now experience a big boost in traffic when your website becomes search engine friendly. That in turn would give you a big boost in sales when you employ SEO in your website. Get SEO working for your site today, go to

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