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  • Author Ross Dawson
  • Published January 27, 2012
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Just recently Google introduced the Google Freshness update. At the moment I believe you're wondering; that is just about all need to have, a new modification in the Google algorithm. But you won't have to get worried; the alterations which are impending with this particular change turned out to be subtle. Despite the fact that the specialists seem to be saying that this revise will probably influence almost 30% of all search queries, it isn't currently being felt as bad because the Google farmer had a couple of months back. If you're wondering what precisely the Google Freshness update is, allow me to try my greatest to explain. About a year previously The major search engine Google introduced an update referred to as the Caffeine update. This was to assist with ensuring web pages which needed to be updated on a regular basis obtained the standing they deserved. Websites supplying Sports rankings are a superb example. Well the Google Freshness update is an compliment of that update.Now together with the Google Freshness update more web sites are going to be given preference with fresh content, not just the sites that want it. Now you're going to be a lot more pressed to keep your blog or web site updated often. Now please don't get me wrong, some internet sites may not require to be kept up to date as frequently as others. Should your web site is about a niche market that remains appropriate over the years you don't need to fear, but if you've a web site about mobile phones or tv programs you'll want to keep track of what is taking place within your area of knowledge to stay on top of your search rankings.Let me to provide you with one more excellent instance of how the Google Freshness update functions. Let's say you will be trying to find out exactly who won the World Series. Any time you enter "World Series" Google is going to understand you want the result of this seasons playoffs as opposed to the '39 World Series. So now unless of course people identify by using a time stamp precisely what year, month or date you desire your data from, Google is going to make sure you receive the most current, freshest, up to date subject material.So there you have several instances of how the Google freshness update operates and who it is going to affect. Most don't need to worry in regards to this update although many people say it's going to affect around 35% of the search queries. As long as we continue to keep up on our Search engine optimization efforts and creating high quality content and weblog posts, we will have nothing to fear.Now allow me to conclude by stating that those of you who assume you'll be able to squeak by using a straightforward three or four page website, think again. With the Google Freshness update, you are going to have to work a little harder for those search rankings you like and need.

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