Five Fantastic Methods to Generate Web Traffic and to Panda Proof Your Internet Site

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  • Author Mary Marshall
  • Published January 25, 2012
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As an internet marketeer, you surely know various ways to generate web traffic to your web site. However, all that you may know simply won't count, if you do not realize one key thing: all of the organic traffic you could be able to drive to your net pages ultimately relies on what Google sees as a "authority" internet site. In other words, it all depends on what Google likes and dislikes about your web site. That is the reason why we're now going to look into 5 fantastic methods to not only build traffic but also to Panda proof your site.

  1. Start with the basics. Many web marketers focus only on the methods to build traffic and therefore on making maximum income as soon as they can. That might have been an excellent strategy and even a successful one however, it's no longer an option. If you need to make money out of your niche web site, you must make a top notch web site at the first place. In fact, many of the paths to develop a top-notch web site are essentially ways to generate web traffic too.

  2. What's a top notch web site? In essence, a quality website is one that provides worth to its users. Everything on a website should be made from a user's viewpoint. That's the only real way to have lots of organic traffic and to not be penalised by Google's Panda update. What you've got to do is to make a site that's convenient to use, reliable and that provides valuable info.

  3. Web content is the most important thing. The quality of your content pretty much determines the overall quality of your site. Plus, it can be employed to generate web traffic. It is debatable how many posts you have to have on your web site, and it's arguable how long each post needs to be. However, gurus recommend that you will have to have at least 10-15 pages of top quality, 600+ words posts that feature valuable information. Furthermore, you shouldn't publish spin content on your blog: Google dislikes it and your users will don't like it. Use spin articles to push your web site, or to generate web traffic from article directory sites and niche-related blogs.

  4. Smart search engine optimization. The simplest method to generate web traffic is by clever SEO of the articles on your web pages. This, in a way, brings us back to the previous problem: in case you have spin posts optimised for just about the same keywords, you can get penalized by Google. Optimize each web page of your web site for different yet topical keywords in order to rank high in Google's search results and therefore to generate lots of free traffic to your blog.

  5. Backlinks from authority, high-quality websites. That is an excellent way to generate free traffic to your web site. Furthermore, Google ranks higher websites that have lots of inbound links from other important and authority web resources. You can create many backlinks manually, or by making use of software that will do all the work automatically. Whatever method you'll opt for using, be really careful to receive backlinks from web sites that are relevant to the articles/services or products you offer and that are regarded as "good" by Google.

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