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  • Published January 29, 2012
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Everybody wants to have clean and sparkling floors. However, it is not easy to ensure such a shine on the floors all time because of its constant use and pressures from the users. No matter what kind of floor you have, it tends to loose its luster over the years. This is the reason that floorboard sanding becomes necessary to bring back shine on it. You should hire an expert for perfectly sanding the floor so that it continues to gleam for many years to come.

When you start floor sanding, it is advisable to leave a lot of space free in your home for at least a week. The duration of sanding depends on the type of floor and the amount of work you want the professional people to do on it. Many types of floorboard sanding require a longer period to complete. Generally, home people opt for simple sanding work if the floorboard is not too old.

Before the sanding work start, make sure that any gaps are filled by using resin filer mixed with wood dust. There are four types of sandpaper, while some professionals may use seven types. These sand papers include 24- grit for very coarse sandpaper work, 40-grit medium sandpaper, 80-grit: medium- fine sandpaper and 120-grit: fine sandpaper as per the requirement of sanding work on the wood.

Since the sanding work requires frequent changing of sandpapers, opt for belt type sander and not the drum roller type. When hiring a floorboard sanding Melborne expert, make sure to ask about its machinery and products for sanding. You should also know about its process of floorboard sanding.

After the sanding work is finished, professional floorboard sanding Melborne companies use a coat to give maximum protection to the wood. When the wood is dry, ensure that the sanding company has adequately polished to give the floor shine. It takes few days to compete the sanding and polishing work this way. Larger office space requires even longer duration for sanding and polishing.

Apart from floor sanding a polishing, you should also ensure that the sealing of floor is in proper manner. The sealing covers up the gaps between the boards. Then, you should also make it certain that varnishing is in place. Varnishing protects your floor wood from varies types of damages. Varnishing is also preferable for longer life of the expensive floor.

Compare several floorboard sanding Melborne professional companies on Internet. Read their websites and know about the method they adopt for floor sanding. You can also compare the costs of each such service provider so that your cost is reasonable to get back the shine of floorboard as per your desire and requirement.

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