Logo design-Is it really working for you?

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  • Author Jojo Ethen
  • Published January 25, 2012
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Logo design- is it really working for you:

Every time you put up an ad or you put up a video on social media or print media people recognize the only one actor of your company then read it or ignore it. The silent actor is "logo" and I would really ask that is your logo really working for you? Is it making a clear image and conveying the message what you offer and how you do? This is the point where you come to know about logo designers.

Logo design is one silent actor which makes or breaks your business although according to many critics logo is not first important thing but the company name and tagline. Creative logos according to the tag line and brand promises are a real challenge. Many logo designer companies in market are there to sort your problem out. Logo with common symbols, signs, words, shapes can be ordinary but many people can easily relate themselves to it and go for you as first option. On the other hand, unique symbols and signs make your brand unique in description and bring huge amount of customers to even inquire because many people do not like common logos. One way to guess which logo designer company is reliable for you is from their portfolio. Difference in ROI of a company can also be increased or decreased with the strong or weak logo. Creative logo designer must be aware of all the important elements which must be depicted:

• Company’s professionalism

• Company’s field

• Company’s organizational culture

• Company’s target market.

If we put all the elements which are a must to keep under consideration while designing and selecting a logo:

• fit you image(relation of the logo and your business)

• be memorable

• unique & originality

• simple, yet smart

• Timeless

• Versatile

• A clear message

• Well-drawn

• Clients satisfaction(who needs the logo)

• Goes well with different backgrounds

• It scales well

• It works well as black and white too

• It must work well with different type of media Logo Design Company

Many organizations need to check that where their logo stands and what place was aimed. Uniqueness and simplicity varies from market to market. It should be clear that what market is targeted, just the local (city), national or global. Examples define themselves like shiny star e-centre, TV direct, Deal’s king etc. example of Australian market there is a huge growth in logo designer companies. The core concept is that the company which asks a logo designer company must be very clear in delivering the business nature and field. The logo designer must understand that it’s not just some soft ware and a pc to make a logo but knowledge of how to come up to the level which gives the company a one step ahead move.

Jojo Ethen is an athlete, business developer, fitness instructor, make over artist and very adventurous person who is up to something new always.She is working in the field of marketing as well as human rights.She always likes to learn from others experiences and research.May be her learning can help you in anything just as food for thought.Currently she is doing work for Systronic http://www.systronic.com.au

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