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  • Author Robin Rowe
  • Published January 30, 2012
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If you're looking to add a little art to the walls in your home, there are many forms of art you can consider. Original paintings are beautiful, but may be expensive. Prints and reproductions of famous works may be more affordable, but they may not have the quality and beauty that you are looking for. An excellent alternative to these more traditional methods of decoration is a giclée.

The term " giclée", coined by Jack Duganne, became popular in the late 1980s. It refers to any ink-jet print that is high-quality and is often used by artists, print shops, and galleries. Rather than traditional ink-jet printings, giclée prints are not made up of microscopic dots of ink. Instead, they are made by spraying ink onto the canvas or paper, allowing the inks to blend on the surface for a much more accurate printing of the artist's original work. The printing process is highly sophisticated and uses color printers that use eight to twelve colors, rather than the standard four to six. Giclée prints also tend to last longer than original piece due to the way they are created and the professional inks that are used. Examples of giclée prints can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum and in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Giclée prints can be used for either fine art or photographic prints and can be created from almost any piece of flat artwork. Once the desired painting, watercolor, sketch, or photograph has been digitally archived, it is always available for the artist to order prints of their work whenever one is requested. An added benefit for the artist is that their work will not deteriorate over time, as photographic negatives and original paintings often do. The images, whether they are paintings or photographs, can also be reproduced in any size, from and onto many surfaces, such as canvas or high quality paper. Some people feel as if a giclée is simply a reproduction, but this isn't the case. Reproductions can be printed on anything and with any level of quality. A giclée print is a work printed on high quality paper or canvas with great attention to the quality of the print.

Due to the way they are printed, giclée prints have all of the qualities of an original painting or photograph. The colors are rich and sharp and there are no visible marks of a dot screen pattern. Short of purchasing the original work, giclée prints are the most beautiful and high quality artwork you can buy. And because they can be made from photographs or paintings, there is a wide variety of giclée prints available. From landscapes and portraits to abstract art, you are sure to find a giclée print that will fit the interior decoration of your room.

Many artists are now making their work available as giclées. With all of the beauty of an original piece, and without the worry of the work deteriorating, giclées are becoming more and more popular.

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