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  • Published February 6, 2012
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You can’t beat glass wind chimes as the decoration of choice for many homeowners. Glass wind chimes have beautiful decorative designs, unique and contemporary and are most stunning in any area of your home.

Glass wind chimes can be one of the best-kept secrets in home décor especially among many of the more popular wind chimes such as tuned aluminum or bamboo. Because many people are not familiar with glass wind chimes, we’ll talk about some of the more unique designs to give you an idea of where and what to look for when purchasing.

Glass wind chimes because they are so universal and so unique, you can find many different shapes and sizes. Most are made with glass or acrylic blend. Because glass can be shaped and molded, you can find chimes that have different shapes including animals, landscapes, sceneries and unique designs.

Glass wind chimes come in many different colors, most within the same chime. So you are sure to find a glass windchime that fits within your home décor color palette.

Most people are familiar with the sounds of metal or wooden wind chimes that can be tuned to a specific note, where glass wind chimes offer a softer and more soothing sound. As the wind catches the glass pieces, you hear the light sound of the glass bouncing off each other and it sounds very spirited and fun. Each wind chime is unique in the sound it offers based on the type of material used, the way the glass hangs from the frame, how many glass pieces it includes and the depth of the pieces is what determines the sound that resonates when the pieces chime together.

Placement is important when considering a wind chime. Glass wind chimes require much more care than regular metal wind chimes. As glass can more easily become damaged in high winds, you will want to take care when hanging them outdoors, to be sure they are not in an exposed area to the harsh elements. Hanging your glass wind chime indoors may be a better option. Indoor windchimes are wonderful and you can enjoy them year round!

One important factor when deciding to purchase a glass wind chime is to consider who the chime’s for. Will it be for you or for a friend or relative? Glass wind chimes are beautiful in design and make great unique gifts that can be given on any occasion such as a house warming, birthday, anniversary, wedding gift, holiday gift or even a loved ones remembrance.

There are many websites and stores that offer glass wind chimes for sale. We recommend Whimsical Winds Wind Chimes because of their huge selection and lowest prices, you are sure to find a glass wind chime that will fit just what you were looking for. Whimsical Winds also carries over 800 styles of wind chime designs, and they offer a wind chime buying guide and only the best quality brands.

We hope our information has helped you decide what to look for in a glass wind chime, now don’t wait another minute, check out the many wind chime designs online and purchase one today!

Whimsical Winds is the largest retailer of wind chimes on the web with over 800 styles available from some of the most popular wind chime manufacturers. Wind chimes make the perfect gift, memorial, or personal addition to your home.

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