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  • Published February 13, 2012
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Search Engine Optimization or SEO -as it is popularly known as- is the internet marketing strategy of improving the visibility of a website in the search engine results. The objective of SEO is to academically improve the organic search results. SEO works on the premise that the more frequently a page appears on a website, the more visitors it will have. Now think in terms of a large number of pages which appear in the search engine results. The competition among them to increase the appearance in frequency now is determined by how far up the search result they are. The user can seek websites by searching images, videos, local search or product category specific search.

The mechanics that drive SEO depend on which search engines are preferred, how a Search engine works, what are the popular searches, what is the search trend etc? All these variables call for the use of keywords and tagging the websites and content to ensure that they are more visible during the search engine results.

The whole SEO concept is driven by one and only one factor-"keyword". Choosing the right keyword is the primary step. The keywords should be able to give a customer a lucid picture about the product or service that a website exhibits. The keyword should be chosen according to the following criteria:

• It should be able to target the specific market that is looking for the content related to it.

• It should compete with fewer websites targeting the same keyword

• One should be able to optimize keywords that people actually use

All of these factors can be determined using the search tools of the search engine. Almost all the search engines help check the competition to figure out how to optimize a particular keyword for a better page rank. This is achieved via article marketing and other methods.

Then come the tags. These key identifiers must be included in the URL of the web pages to ensure that the customers are easily able to identify your services and they also help in the appropriate indexing of the web pages to yield more efficient search results.

Then one can use the concept of links to help increase the footfall on his/her website thereby increasing the page rank. This is achieved by the use of back link which directs the footfall off one website onto another when the customers find easy access to a particular product or service listed there.

SEO techniques revolve around boosting footfall via the appropriate use of keywords.

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