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  • Author Lexi Fernando
  • Published February 10, 2012
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There are a huge number of softwares abound in the market that offer different benefits and features for your website. But question still stands: How do you know which one is the best? I would like to give an insight if nobody minds.

Choose the one that offer all features you need in one complete package. Using different tools for a campaign can be quite complicated and confusing, so list down all the techniques you plan to do and check if the program supports all of them. Basic tasks like the following should all be included in order to give it a go.

Social Bookmarking - This is a powerful way of promoting your sites. Search engines visit these types of sites often and content gets updated frequently. This can increase your website traffic and drive qualified converting visitors to your sites.

Directory Submissions - Directories do the work of categorizing subjects and concepts and listing the websites in that category. There are thousands of directories out there on the Internet, both free and paid versions. Sometimes directories may take time to approve your submission but this is an essential toolkit in your off page SEO efforts.

Search Engine Submission - For off page SEO you will need to submit your sites to as many search engines as possible so that they can index your site. It is very important, to submit your sites to as many search engines as possible, so that your website becomes visible in all those engines. Internet surfers who use those engines to search for their keywords can then be shown your websites in the search results, if they are relevant to the search queries made.

RSS Feed Submissions - Submitting the URLs of the RSS feeds of your sites to RSS feed aggregators or RSS feed directories or RSS feed submission sites and your RSS feed will then get distributed far and wide, possibly leading to more traffic and visitor conversions to sales. People can then subscribe to the RSS feeds of your sites to get notified about new posts you are making on your websites or blogs.

Pinging Feature - A ping service feature allows you to automatically notify directories and search engines that your blog has been updated.

Additional features and plugins, like the ones listed below is a huge plus.

Status Updating - A quick way to update your status in social media sites like Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr and the likes.

Tiny URL - This feature allows long, ugly URLs to be shorten down to nice and convenient looking short URLs.

Account Creation Tool - Allowing you to create and sign up accounts easily to a variety of websites is very helpful. All you need is a valid email address and a few clicks.

Other Plugins - Wordpress plugins, Decaptcher and the likes can be vital for improved automation and faster completion of tasks at hand.

Only choose a program that uses white hat techniques. Do not waste your time, money and effort on tools that employ black hat techniques. We all want fast and guaranteed results, but you should also be wary of putting all your efforts in jeopardy. Once Google detects any malicious strategy you are using, your site will be possibly blacklisted or worse, banned for good.

So look for The Best SEO Software in the market today. There are too many to choose from, but not everyone of them is good for your website. Choose carefully.

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