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  • Author Christopher Noble
  • Published February 12, 2012
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With the ever-changing algorithms from Google, advising clients on strategies to keep their websites near the top of Google search results often requires alerting them first about what will no longer work – even before designing a plan built around what now get results.

Over the past decade or more, stuffing websites with keywords and keyword based links seemed to impress Google and other search engines; these days, offering your website visitors real information in a straightforward format is the key to ranking higher in the search engines. Unfortunately, many website owners are still locked into those same old SEO strategies which will no longer get the results many owners grew accustomed to.

Google, after all, continually evolves, along with the Internet it is central in creating.

As ever more business websites adapted a conventional strategy of keyword repetition and endless backlinks to win respect from search engines - the experts at Google decided it was time to further tweak their algorithm so as to level the playing field. Why, after all, should artful keyword positioning win out over content? And while only a handful of higher-ups at Google will ever know precisely what the algorithm of the hour truly values, a few things seem apparent to those of us keeping track of what works and what doesn't

You'll want an SEO professional to advise you as you adjust your business website over to the new reality, of course. But since the 2011 algorithm changes at Google, what's essentially needed these days to remain highly placed in the search results for keywords - is website content which answers questions and does so in a straightforward website format.

Beyond that, an in-depth knowledge of the world of social media websites and how best to use them are likewise key. Again, the help of an expert is invaluable.

Finally, now is also the time to revisit those marketing basics. Redouble your efforts at getting your product or service noticed and keeping clients happy. And keep in regular touch with them. All this won't be easy but will be necessary if you wish to compete in a marketplace which offers fewer ready shortcuts.

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