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  • Author Patric Boardmann
  • Published February 17, 2012
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The World Wide Web is a marketplace free-for-all and sometimes not-so-free-for-all when a company wants to attract visitors of the right type in plentiful numbers. Search engines reserve space along the top and down the right hand side for sponsored listings where each time someone clicks the ad, the owner is charged an amount based on the demand for the keyword. This "Pay-Per-Click" (PPC) advertising is lucrative to the giant search engines and worthwhile to many web site owners who convert sales in a profitable ratio.

The charges can run several hundred or thousand per day with a large business and the amounts laid out are figured into the cost of doing business. To control the click fees it is advisable to study the statistics by making several differently-worded ads and comparing the response. One ad may be worded in such a way that it's 20% more effective, and so you can tighten up even further.

It soon becomes clear which keywords are keeping your business alive. Similar keywords can be mixed and expanded when laying out the SEO program; your content should have about three per cent keyword saturation to appear natural to search engines. It is the job of your SEO consultant to make your web site's pages look like they belong there in the eyes of the search engine spiders so certain elements must be placed with care, such as page titles and meta descriptions. You have around sixty characters including spaces that should be spent on keywords and little else. This is valuable real estate and it should be used to its fullest advantage.

When the search engine spider reads, or "crawls" the landing pages it stores the memory in a central index for quick retrieval, that is to say the search engine is aware of the presence of your web site as it stood at the time of the last visit. Provided certain criteria are met, the pages will be recalled if they satisfy the terms of the search. All terms related to your market sector should be somewhere on your landing pages.

By ensuring this content can be found within your pages, linking up your landing pages correctly (that is with quality original content related to your business) will make it likely that you appear among the first results. Your internet marketing need only be persistent in ratio to what's at stake in your market sector and your web page traffic should yield some results from your online marketing efforts. The Internet can make your business immediately well-known because searchers click on the first few results. If you budget a certain amount to pay-per-click advertising and several thousand to SEO you will get some instant results but the best results will be gradual: organic traffic becomes free after the initial promotion. It will be up to someone else to expend the effort to dislodge you.

We exist in the Golden Age of the Internet, the possible peak of flexibility, so it's a good idea to capitalize on the freedom. Customers trust e-commerce enough to make business work on the Web…security and a good business atmosphere are conveyed universally. There are countless niche items available online; as long as free enterprise exists and money is abundant every dog should have his day. Today's e-commerce Web design allows visitors to shop on your website conveniently.

Pat Boardman is an SEO Consultant writing in respect to Toronto Web Development and Web Site Design company Greener Marketing Canada.

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