What are the various types of horror movies?

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  • Published March 10, 2012
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If you are a horror movie fan, you must be very well aware of its various genres and various types of horror movies. These movies are much more than just blood, guts or horror movie demons as there is wide range of horror movies these days which makes you open to many different options. Talking about the different types of horror movies, there are slasher films, they are generally categorized as films where villain wounds all the other victims in a very horrific and dreadful way and these kinds of films can get event more aggressive and cruel than this. In this kind of movie there is always person that makes it to the end and these movies keep coming in form of sequels and some of them are long lasting and enjoyed by people a lot. These kinds of movies usually disclose the killer the beginning or it will be hidden till the end tin order to create a mystery and figure out who the actual killer is. These are the most common things that you will find in these kinds of movies. Also, there are movies that are known as thrillers, which are very popular among horror movie lovers as these movies use a psychological perspective in order to create suspense. There are chances that you may find horror movie demons and also more blood and guts than the other movies and also these movies create a suspense throughout the movie. These types of movies are very popular because they movies make you feel curious during the whole film with a lot of twists and turn which leaves the audience wondering and guessing all the time during the movie.

Other movies include movies that are based on exploitation which are based on more pain, anguish and also these movies are considered as very gruesome and horrific. These people are popular among a totally different kind of audience as not everyone can see these kind of movies because firstly they are very gruesome and inhumane and secondly they come with more shock value which is something that people don’t expect to see and also these movies are very controversial both among the audience and also on the subject matter of the movie. In these kinds of movies there are glamorous methods used to show acts of torture and murder. On the other hand, there are monster movies which are also called as creature films. These kinds of movies revolve around the idea of a vampire or werewolf, you will only find these or somewhat similar character in these movies. Also, there are chances that these movies might come as a dark humor or may be serious movies in which a monster is killed or is a victim of others which is controlled in some manner.

Last but not the least, there are Zombie movies which are also focused on the idea of a monster. These movies have gained immense popularity recently and they are considered as different from other horror movie types. These movies are usually very dark and graphic which are packed with humor and these movies have with huge followers.

Thanks for reading my article on Horror Movie Demon, as there is wide range of horror movies these days which makes you open to many different options.

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