HOW TO BEAT YOUTUBE - Get your video to the top of the page with others that have 1,000,000+ views!

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  • Author Jason Shechtman
  • Published February 28, 2012
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HOW TO BEAT YOUTUBE – How to get your video ranked on the first page of YouTube search results with other videos that have 1,000,000+ views!

It took a friend of mine (hacker by trade) almost a year to figure out how the YouTube algorithms respond when ranking a video. This is what he does for a living. He figures out how different algorithms work so he can manipulate them and get paid. He calls it "SEO;" I call it cheating.

So, after all his hard work, I’m going to be the guy who just gives it away to you. Why? Because I think it’s funny…

I want you to keep in mind that algorithms change all the time; especially if YouTube finds out that this is general knowledge and everybody starts using it. So, as a disclaimer, this will only work for a little while, depending on how badly this info is abused. If everyone and their grandmothers start trying to get their crappy little videos to the top of the page, it’s going to draw attention - and not the good kind. The kind where you try to show your friend how good of a job you did cheating YouTube and all the sudden you can’t find your video. Oh, wait a minute, you can’t even find your ACCOUNT! What the hell is going on here?

So, I’m going to break it down as simple as possible; step-by-step. Here it is:

  • Start 15 separate YouTube accounts – by separate, I mean completely unrelated. Different e-mails, different user names, different profile info (if you choose to create any profile info).

  • Make sure all these new accounts "Favorite" the key video you are trying to get ranked.

  • Have every account start a new Playlist.

  • Add your key video to every playlist.

  • Make sure there are 60 other videos in each playlist with your key video.

*NOTE: These other videos need to be related to your key video! (e.g.: Don’t add a bunch of cute baby videos to your playlists when your key video is about grant writing)

*NOTE: These other videos need to have at least 100,000+ views; 1,000,000+ views would be even better.

  • Each account should favorite the new playlist from all the other accounts.

That’s it! Don’t expect your video to jump to the first page overnight; it does take time. And, so it doesn’t look like you are purposely trying to cheat the system, I suggest adding some other videos to each account. Add them, favorite them, make some other playlists, whatever. All I’m trying to say is don’t let each account be stuck with one playlist that has 61 videos on it (your key video with the other 60 high-viewed related videos) and one "Favorite" – your video. It’s obvious and a good way to guarantee your video will NEVER be ranked high.

So, in conclusion, be careful and be smart about it. There’s nothing worse than giving valuable information to some idiot who doesn’t respect its value and ends up throwing it all away. And for what? NOTHING! Just because he or she is an idiot…

I don’t usually write about stuff like this. As a matter of fact, I own a grant writing company and I’m just working on the SEO for my website by doing some article submissions. So, with that said, humor me and visit my website at We have everything you need in regards to grants: what grants are and how they work; the best tips and tricks regarding grant writing; the latest requests for proposals issued by grantmakers; the latest news on grant awards and fundraising.

Regardless of what my articles are about, I’ll always publish something useful. I’ve submitted quite a few articles having to do with grants and grant writing. I’ll probably never stop doing that. But, I’ve learned quite a bit about search engine optimization in the last few months so I think I’ll share some of my discoveries with you on that as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

My name is Jason and I am the owner of a grant writing company called Grant Pros. Be sure to visit us at

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