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  • Author Jerry Davis
  • Published March 5, 2012
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Small business SEO ("SEO" is Search Engine Optimization) is important to the success of any small business today. Everyone goes to the search engines to look up information these days, and if you are a small business, you simply will not be found if you do not rank high in the search engines.

If you have a website that is related to your business, do you rank high for the keywords that people use when searching for your services?

For example, if you sell ice cream in Houston,TX, do you rank high on Google for "ice cream Houston" or "Houston ice cream"?

If you do not rank high for what you do in the location where you do it, you are probably going to fail as a business. I covered that in another article, here.

Most businesses do fail. I started a good business that eventually failed. It failed because I did not bill high enough, so lesson learned there.

As a successful small business seo developer, I know that ranking high on Google will produce a steady stream of prospects who are looking for exactly what you sell. When you rank high on Google as a result of successful small business seo work, someone is always knocking on your door.

And the best thing is this: Those folks already hope to do business with you.

So it is important to use the proper key words in your small business seo. You must be accurate, because accuracy increases the odds of you closing the deal when the prospects show up to buy.

How do you get ranked on Google?

That's a good question. And here is your answer... You hire help who can get you there. DMGNA and some other small business SEO companies are like guides. We guide small businesses, whether in Houston, or Dallas, or Alto, or Kansas City or wherever - we guide them to the top.

Its a lot of work, being a Google guide. Google changes its search parameters from time-to-time, and keeps their search parameters secret all the time, so figuring out how to win position one on Google is a real challenge.

Which is why DMGNA does so well. We love puzzles, and we love the Internet. Google position one is the most coveted puzzle of all, and its on the Internet, which makes it eve more challenging.

Small Business SEO is a combination of keyword choice and Google search-bot savvy. Because we have done business on the Internet for so many years, we have learned a lot about Google and Bing and the others. We have many, many wins for Google search position one, and we will be happy to help you get your business there.

Contact me from my website, or phone me and we will talk about your business and where you are in your small business seo process. We have several different ways we can help you, and will love to earn your confidence and your business. I always consider my clients to also be my friends. It is important to do a great job for you.

Jerry Davis, Owner/SEO developer at http://www.dmgna.com

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