7-Step SEO Campaign Process Followed by Client Centric Firms

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  • Published March 26, 2012
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According to the search engine result pages (SERPS) analysis report, 42% users searching through online links click on websites listed out on the first page. Only 8% of the users visit the second page! Hence, it has become imperative for online businesses to plan out their SEO campaign carefully. A reputed SEO company will offer a wide spectrum of high quality services for creating a strong online foundation, reaching out and appealing to the target market.

A client focused SEO company will follow a proper process of handling all the specifications and taking into consideration specific needs of their clients.

7-Step Process to Increase Your Search Engine Ranking With SEO Campaign

A reputed firm has all the necessary resources to make an SEO campaign successful and build a strong online reputation for clients:

  • Assessment of the current site:-

The reviewing process is the first and most important step to begin an SEO campaign since it helps in finding the irregularities and shortcomings of the current site. Website assessment also facilitates the development of suitable content, web design and graphics, according to the client’s vision.

  • Improvement of web visibility through keyword research:-

Keywords are crucial to making a site visible on a search engine. Well researched keywords or phrases help to improve the traffic and build its online ranking among other available websites. A reputed firm undertakes a thorough analysis of the site and content and develops the right keywords for it.

  • Optimization of website content:-

The content is the most important aspect of any given website as it is responsible for the conversion rate. If the content on the site is well written, it has better chance to build the necessary traffic.

  • Optimization of the domain name:-

This is to help search engine crawlers recognize the site and post it on the top pages of a search engine. A reputed company incorporates the changes in HTML coding of the client site in order to make it more recognizable for the search engine crawlers.

  • Development of website links:-

The links posted on other top ranking sites help direct traffic to the client site. A reputed SEO company helps in partnering and collaborating with the top ranking sites.

  • Development of accurate content:-

The content is responsible for enticing the potential customer to the sites, thus building strong online presence for the client. Reputed SEO consultants have a dedicated and experienced team for content writing.

  • Supervision of SEO campaign:-

This is a continuous process which does not end even after achieving a high rank in the search result. A reputed SEO company takes proper care even after the site is ranked among the top search results and undertakes important steps to maintain its online presence.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you keep your website up-to-date with the help of a reputed SEO company.

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