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  • Author Christine Okelly
  • Published April 10, 2012
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Businesses everywhere focus their efforts on their customers, sometimes to the detriment of their own marketing. Instead of overlooking your own company, take time in 2012 to concentrate on growing your customers base and strengthening the relationships you have with your current clients. One of the best ways to do this is to produce a newsletter. Whether you do this once a month or once a week, you'll soon see the results of your efforts.

Marketing Topic #1: Ask And Answer

Use a newsletter to address and answer common questions your customers might have. If you're not sure what type of questions should be answered, solicit questions from your clients. By reaching out to them, you'll be sure to answer the questions that are most relevant to their business and your industry.

Marketing Topic #2: Current Events

Changes and updates to your industry provide the perfect topic for any newsletter. By reacting to industry news and explaining what the changes mean, you'll strengthen your position as an industry leader. It also means that you won't be inundated with the same question over and over again from clients, saving your people valuable time.

Marketing Topic #3: Tell A Story About Your Business

Clients want to do business with people, not faceless corporations! Instead of being some faceless organization, personalize your company by telling stories about problems you've faced. Focus mainly on how you solved the problem and show off your resourcefulness. Ask your customers to write back and share their own stories for a future newsletter.

Marketing Topic #4: Solutions To Common Problems

There are likely certain problems throughout your industry that nearly every customer faces. Have a brainstorming session to identify common issues your clients face. Ask customers how they handle these problems, or if there are any solutions that don't exist yet. Write about solutions to the problems, but don't worry if all the fixes don't have anything to do with your business's services. You want your newsletter to be a valuable resource to customers, not a blatant advertorial for your business.

Marketing Topic #5: Brag About Yourself

There's nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, as long as you're not constantly tooting your own horn. If you've won an award, or recently finished a big project, announce it in your newsletter. Showing off just a little can let a customer know that they've making the right choice by working with your business.

How An SEO Copywriting Firm Can Help

If you're short on time, consider hiring SEO copywriters to write your newsletter for you. An SEO copywriting firm will be able to handle everything for you, which frees up your own people to do their jobs on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, SEO copywriters can help you cultivate topics if you're having a hard time thinking of ideas that are relevant to your business.

Look for an SEO copywriting firm with trained writers who are experts in converting casual newsletter readers into paying customers. Additionally, look for one that asks for client input and guarantees that you'll be happy with their work.

Christine O'Kelly is the founder of SEO Content Solutions, an SEO copywriting firm that offers SEO companies and businesses access to a virtual full-service team of professional SEO copywriters. SEO Content Solutions offers an array of white-label content marketing options including SEO press releases, website copywriting, Kindle publishing, newsletter writing, and blog writing.

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