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  • Published May 5, 2012
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Anyone who has ever had to deal with a company’s technical support team knows that good technical support is invaluable. This holds true for home inspection software companies. Before a home inspector purchases a program to use as their reporting software, it is important to check out the technical support that is offered. This article is going to discuss some things to keep in mind when investigating.

Methods of Contact

When a home inspector is in need of technical support, how are they able to contact their software’s technical support staff? Good technical support will allow a home inspector to reach them with a variety of methods. The two most important methods to a home inspector are going to be by phone and email. If an inspector is in the field during an inspection and they run across an issue, they need technical support ASAP. They don’t have time to wait for a response. Good technical support should be available by phone on all normal business days. They should provide a live, friendly person that can quickly troubleshoot the issue and get the home inspector back on track. The last thing an inspector wants is to call a number and go to a general company voicemail and have to wait for help until they get called back.

Home inspectors may also have questions about their inspection reports, and in these cases, it is often easiest to contact the technical support staff by email. This way the inspector can include any attachments needed to make troubleshooting easier. Email is also great when an inspector has a question after business hours. Good technical support will answer all emails in a timely manner so that the inspector is not left waiting.

Other Methods of Technical Support

Phone and email contact are extremely important, but there are other ways a technical support staff can help their clients. Good technical support will give their clients the tools they need to educate themselves. They can do this by posting information to their website, such as step by step How To guides, video tutorials, FAQ’s, webinars and more. This kind of information can help a home inspector by giving them a visual to better understand what they’re trying to do. It also gives inspectors a place to go to look for answers when they may not be able to contact their software provider immediately, such as on the weekend. These online tools allow inspectors to find the answer they are looking for on their own, and educate themselves in the process.

Software Updates

Software updates are a big part of any home inspection software. It is important that the company is constantly working on updates to fix any issues and add additional features. Good technical support should offer the updates on their website so the client has easy access to them. They should also be willing to help a client download and install the latest update to whichever device they may be using.

Good technical support can make all the difference when working with a software company. Any home inspector looking for software should do their homework and check out the technical support team before buying. If an inspector is out in the field when they have an issue with their software and they are with a client, they will be happy they took the time to research and know that they have good technical support waiting to help.

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