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Driving across Europe from the UK will include a ferry crossing onto continental Europe or to other island nations such as Ireland. Europe offers excellent opportunities for driving excursions, family holidays, sight seeing tours and a chance to take break from the daily grind and enjoy what Europe has to offer.

One of the easiest and quickest ways of getting to continental Europe from the UK is via the Dover to Calais ferry crossing. It takes about one and a half hours either way, with about 5 trips available everyday to Calais from Dover by DFDS ferry services. On the other hand, P&O Ferries has up to 23 ferry crossings per day via the same route with all trips taking about the same time. The Dover to Calais ferries offer the shortest route to Europe.

Once in France, a driver may choose to drive on into Paris or head to the south of France and enjoy the beautiful countryside in the spring, with flowers blooming, birds chirping in the air and the vineyards looking splendid in the warm spring sun. Driving in France is pleasurable because France has among the best roads in all of Europe. The distances are much longer because the French population is spread out over an area twice that occupied by Britons even though the population is more or less the same.

It is advisable to take on an auto insurance that will cover many roadside accidents and incidents that may happen while driving in Europe. Many insurance firms across the UK have such products available to motorists. The benefits of this type of motor insurance include access to health facilities in the country of travel, roadside assistance and even towing services. These services would be much harder to come by and a lot more expensive without this insurance cover.

From the South of France, a motorist may choose to drive on into Italy, Switzerland or Spain. Ferry crossings to Spain can be made from the UK as well. The Plymouth to Santander ferry crossing is quite popular. This is especially attractive for travelers who wish to avoid France. Driving through Spain is a great experience. Spain has a much warmer climate than much of Europe and it offers many opportunities for a holiday by the sea. The warm Mediterranean waters and the pristine beaches of Spain are simply awesome. Getting to Spain from the UK takes just under four hours by Ferry and tickets can be booked online. Driving across Europe is definitely an opportunity that should be enjoyed by all UK residents.

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