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  • Published May 22, 2012
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If you are planning a holiday, where to stay is a very important part of your planning process and if you are visiting another country you may be touring around and require several accommodations in the different places you are going. Choosing bed and breakfasts as your preferred accommodation type is a wonderful way to not only experience a new country but you will also stay in some wonderful properties and meet charming and accommodating hosts.

Using an accommodation directory, either online or in hard copy, will assist you greatly with your search. One of the benefits of an accommodation directory is the ability to have a set format of the information given so that you can easily review the different facilities and services, such as bathrooms, wi-fi, cable television, that are offered by the establishment.

Accommodation directories will also have reviews about the establishments will also assist you in making a decision about which place to stay.

Bed and breakfast accommodation offers guests a very special experience for many reasons. Many of these establishments are run from historic or special interest buildings such as The Old Post Office Guest House in Paparoa, New Zealand - which, as the name suggests, used to serve it's community as a Post Office, Galen C Moses House in Bath, Maine, USA which is a Victorian Mansion built in 1874, and the Stapleton's Chandry in Oxfordshire, England a beautiful 16thcentury home. Choosing to stay in a property that has history and its own story will really add to your holiday.

Additionally establishments like these are owned and operated by people who not only have a passion for hospitality but also for their home, region and country and because of that they are the best reason for booking a bed and breakfast. They offer not only a unique establishment to stay in but will also be able to offer you advice and information about places to visit, including the best local eatery, a store to find unique gifts, and lesser known local attractions that you might like to visit.

Researching your accommodation options either online or using a published directory will give you the best option for finding the perfect place to stay, be it new or old, modern or historic, in the middle of all the action or the middle of nowhere, and regardless of which town, country or continent you choose to visit.

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