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  • Published May 31, 2012
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As the largest city in New Zealand, home to our biggest airport and the centre of commerce and business, Auckland offers more opportunities than anywhere else in the country. It is for this reason that many Kiwis choose to make the move, especially those looking to expand their horizons and those who are looking to take advantage of higher potential wages.

The trade-off to having better opportunities accessible to you, a bigger central city and the many other benefits that living in the Auckland region affords is found mostly in the city's higher cost of living. It is what deters many people from relocating, but, if you're willing to plan ahead and do some research, you'll find plenty of ways to make living in Auckland affordable.

Cost of Housing

Housing and accommodation is one of the biggest obstacles that you'll be forced to overcome. Auckland is one of the most lucrative and the most expensive property market in the country. Both buyers and renters need to take caution in properly researching suburbs and current trends to get themselves the best deal. If you are planning on renting in the region, it will pay to start looking as early as possible to ensure that you find something affordable.

While higher than the rest of the country, you can expect to pay a lot less to live in Auckland than what you might in other major cities around the world.


Finding good houses for rent in Auckland at an affordable price will boil down to which suburbs you consider renting in. Depending on your situation and needs, there are plenty to choose from.

For families who are looking at making the move, Epsom is a popular choice because of its close proximity to the central city and the several schools that are nearby, including popular public secondary schools Auckland Grammar and Epsom Girls'. Rental prices for four-bedroom homes fell from an average of $700 per week to $420 in 2011 as well, making it one of the more affordable options.

Grey Lynn shares similar qualities with Epsom, its popularity reflected in the 18% rise in rent to $530 per week for a two-bedroom property. Auckland Girls' Grammar, Mount Albert Grammar and Western Springs College all serve the area and the summer sees a lot of popular events and festivals make their way to Grey Lynn Park.

Papakura and Manukau are popular options for those who drive frequently and don't mind being twenty minutes outside the city. The average rental price of a two-bedroom home in Papakura hovers around $300 per week with bigger sections and a lot more space. Both of the suburbs have populated retail centres that will leave you needing to make the twenty-minute drive into Auckland Central less than you might imagine - you'll be surprised at how many of your needs will be met within the suburbs themselves.

While Newmarket, Mt Eden and the surrounding suburbs are popular options, they've become increasingly expensive with gentrification over the past two decades. If you're looking for a bigger property than those offered near the central city, looking further out past Mt Roskill and New Windsor will yield better results.

Take your time to shop around; you'll find that there are plenty of rental options in Auckland to suit any budget!

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