A Look at How Dish TV Channels are Packaged

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  • Published April 18, 2012
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One of the benefits of deciding to go with a satellite cable provider is the ability to customize what channels you receive. Many traditional cable providers, such as Comcast and Time Warner, often pick and choose the channels for you, and force you to pick from a selection of packages that might not suit your needs. Satellite cable providers have come up with a new concept that allows people to pick and choose what they get in their package. To get a better idea of how channels are packaged, here is a look at how the Dish TV channels are packaged.

There are several ways Dish TV channels are packaged. The first is a general grouping of channels. These grouping of channels will usually include the most popular channels from a wide variety of interests. These channels will include movie channels, reality TV channels, children’s programming, news programming, and sports programming. This is ideal for a family, as all of these channels will cover a wide variety of interests and no one is left out. These general channel packages can range from offering 100 channels to offering over 400 channels.

The second way Dish TV channels are packaged is by interests and viewing audience. A customer can pick a general channel selection, and then add a whole group of channels that caters to their interest. For example, a sports fan will be able to subscribe to a group of sports channels that offers more than the basic sports channels. Channels can be grouped into interests such as crime shows, reality TV, music channels, movie channels, children’s shows, and sports. This option is great because it allows people to supplement the channels they receive, without having to pay for hundreds of channels they will never watch.

The third way Dish TV channels are packaged is by individual channel. People have the option to pay a monthly fee to have access to one specific channel that might not be included in their general channel selection. For example, a person who wants to watch ESPN3 but not have access to the NHL Network might opt to just pay for ESPN3. This option is great as people can see the one specific channel they want to without having to resort to purchasing dozens of other channels they have no interest in. This option may also be cheaper, as you aren’t paying for an abundance of extra channels.

You won’t believe all the Dish TV channels available to you and your family.

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