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In order to celebrate the Queen's reign 60 anniversary, Buckingham Palace will display nearly 200 years of Royal jewels in this summer. It will display the Queen's private jewelry for the first time. Queen enjoyed a crown-like headdress, worn on the coronation of necklaces, earrings, and a mosaic of pink diamond brooch will be the highlight in the exhibition.

The name of the exhibition is diamonds: Diamonds:A Jubilee Celebration will be opening to the Buckingham Palace this summer, an important content. In the exhibits the most attraction is "Girls of Great Britian Tiara". This Crown shape of headdress although insert full has diamond but weight comparison light, and wearing up comparison easy, so loved by the Queen, is called "Grandma of headdress". Because this headdress is in 1893 by an United Kingdom Women Association "Great Britain and the Ireland girl" financing purchase. It is a gift to Victoria Queen of future Sun daughter-in-law of married gift. She is future of Mary Queen, is today Queen of Grandma. When married, Mary Wang gave it as a wedding present to her.

Last November, Queen host a state banquet held Turkey King had worn the tiara, and coupled with her Coronation in 1953 wore a diamond necklace and earrings. This diamond necklace displayed in the column, including 25 above are arranged in order of size diamond, middle weight at 22.48 carats is a drop hanging pendant, a pair of diamond earrings and matching. This necklace also after Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary's coronation.

Another attraction in the exhibits was Queen Victoria wearing a Coronet. The Crown only 3.5 inches in diameter (approximately 8.7 cm), height 4 inches (10 cm), but the above is laced with 1200 diamond. Crown by Gerrard London jewelry making, this size can wear on behalf of Queen Victoria after her husband's death the widow of veil to cover. Due to the lighter weight of the Crown, her last 30 years in Office, often wearing the Crown. It appears in her reign on the official portrait of the 50 and 60 of celebration.

Queen likes a flower shaped brooch will also be on display. This intermediate is a rare pink diamond brooch, 23.6 carat weight, from Tanzania, was said to be the world's best a pink diamond. It was in 1947, Canada geologist John Williamson presented to the then Princess Elizabeth's wedding gift. Later after cutting this diamond was embedded with the flower-shaped brooch on, so this brooch is also called Williamson's brooch.

Some may ask, how much of the royal jewelry which was displayed in this show? The Royal Collection expert said:"it seems like you're asking how much the weight of the world. This is absolutely meaningless and impossible. But it will be a truly spectacular show."

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