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  • Published July 6, 2012
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London and the surrounding cities offer a great number of events, spectacular locations and chances for the purpose of adventure to holiday-makers plus locals alike. Whether you’re looking for a whole week-end of relaxation and enjoyment or a leisurely day of cultural entertainment and also pleasure, check out day trips from London to places like Paris, Hampshire, Cambridge, Brighton as well as Nottingham. These kinds of fascinating towns present ethnic enlightenment, historical exploration, enjoyable adventure as well as attractive scenery all over every corner.

Paris - Merely two and half hrs away by means of train is definitely the largest city in France, Paris delivers excitement, romance, customs, rich history and more. Seize the actual enthrallment of the world's most romantic destinations with fantastic bars, stoned alleys and also magnificent landscapes.

Get some peek of the famous Mona Lisa's smile in the Louvre or perhaps go to the actual Pompidou Center, where you can experience the National Museum of Modern Art and revel in the national charm of the town with street festivals, theater, music plus more.

Husbands and wives should not neglect the chance to check out the Pont-Marie, also known as "The Bridge of Lovers." History tells that couples who kiss under the bridge and then wish for eternal affection may have their own wish given.

Come the late evening, check out the Eurostar and then return in London for bed time.

Highclere Castle, Hampshire - Visit Highclere Castle and see its history and amazing splendor. As the greatest estate in Hampshire, Highclere Castle is likewise the location for shooting of the TV series, "Downton Abbey."

Devote the day strolling through the stunning castle park as well as back gardens or perhaps explore the particular Egypt display as well as find out about the 5th Earl’s exciting discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Cambridge - Among its colleges, Cambridge houses King’s College, established by King Henry VI in the 15th century. Explore the gorgeous grounds and gaze in marvel at the amazing chapel. Make sure you get up early on Christmas Eve to be involved in the Christmas Carol program which broadcast in live all over the world.

This particular wonderful university community offers a hub of excitement at the Market Square, leisurely entertainment with punting across the River Cam and a taste of creative flare at the Fitzwilliam art gallery or perhaps Kettle’s Yard.

Brighton - With this currently being only fifty mins away, Brighton is a good place for a day trip from london. Its rich culture plus allure swiftly resulted in the development being a captivating seaside resort. The development of this community had been supported by Prince Regent, who in the future became known as King George V.

You will be surprised by the gorgeous architecture, award-winning dining establishments as well as stylish boutiques within Brighton. Wander over the South Downs as well as pay a visit to enchanting galleries and also museums or maybe devote one day shopping in the treasure chest of shops plus boutiques.

Nottingham - Home to the actual legend of the renowned Robin Hood. It's a superbly charming city filled with adventure, history and inspiring culture.

Walk over the renowned Sherwood Forest plus revive the particular story of this well known Prince of Thieves or perhaps explore Nottingham’s fascinating community of caverns. You actually do not want to miss the opportunity to view the popular Nottingham Castle or perhaps enjoy the actual creative structures and cultural treat of the illustrious area.

Tim Platt's is a full time travel blogger based in London, England. He writes for some of the biggest travel blogs in Britain and you can currently find him writing with Ross Corbett at Corbett's Britain.

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