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  • Published July 10, 2012
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There’s no place like home – that’s what people say, and it’s absolutely true. No other place in the world holds more memories, more comforts or more fondness than home. For just about everyone, home is the most important place in the world, which is why picking a house design plan to turn into a home takes a lot of consideration. These house design plans will determine the kind of abode in which you and your loved ones will spend most of your time, so it has to be as close to ideal as possible.

It’s difficult to achieve your ideal when resources or ideas are limited, but taking note of the most important things in choosing your house design plan should help you get close enough to your ideal without breaking the bank or compromising desired designs.

Picking Your Plan

To achieve your ideal house design plan, you need to take note of these factors:

Your Lifestyle

Every family has their own lifestyle. Some have hectic schedules and plenty of children, others have pets, and still others are just couples living laid back lifestyles. The layout of a house must accommodate your specific lifestyle – if you entertain a lot, then a wide open living room would be ideal. If you plan to have children or have guests over all the time, then extra bedrooms or a wide outdoor space will be necessary. If you work at home or have a special hobby that needs room then a home office or studio would be appropriate. And if you value your privacy, then a more enclosed or two-storey design would be perfect for you.

Your Budget

Your budget is a big determinant of how big or small a design your house can have. It will also affect what kind of materials will be used in bringing the design to reality.

Choice of Furniture and Decor

If you prefer large, plush furnishings, then of course your design must accommodate these through larger spaces and hallways. Make sure that all your furniture and decor will fit well within your design, and not look cluttered, cramped or be difficult to place.

Your Location

The location of your house can affect a lot in its design. If it’s a beachfront for instance, it would be a waste of a perfectly good view to have no veranda or sitting area facing the beach. Similarly, an open design would just be wasted on an area that is constantly exposed to cold weather. So make sure your design is suitable to your location, and that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in your neighbourhood.

Planning the design of architectural homes can be simple enough with the right factors being prioritised and with the right partner, such as a company like Elements Home Design. Elements Home Design offers complete architect-designed house design plans that can easily be customised to fit your needs. Its numerous modern home designs come in various sizes and prices. It also come in complete construction drawings, DWG Cad files, 3D images and virtual models you can explore, so you don’t need to second-guess your design or how much you’re going to be spending for it. With their Element of Design's help you should be able to achieve your dream house design in no time.

Miranda Goodenough is a landscape photography enthusiast. When she runs out of action, she likes to read and write about Architectural Homes. For many years, he has been following Elements of Design for information and updates on Home Designs, especially in Australia.

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