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  • Published June 7, 2012
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Without a doubt, one of the finest ways to see the natural splendor of the Grand Canyon is from an airplane. If you would love to see those views but are on a tight vacation budget, consider booking cheap Grand Canyon airplane tours leaving out of Las Vegas.

Imagine yourself sitting in a comfortable plane, leaving Las Vegas behind to see the amazing views from miles above the Canyon's South Rim. There are other ways to see the Grand Canyon, but you will never see as much of it all at once as you will from an airplane. In about an hour you can take in three or more day's worth of on-ground viewing.

You can expect to enjoy a flight along with eighteen or less other passengers on a very safe twin-engine plane operated by two well trained, seasoned pilots. You will make yourself right at home on these planes, with lots of room to relax, spread out your legs, and look at the views through large windows.

At the beginning of your flight, you'll be handed a headset that will let you hear a narrative description of your tour over the engine noise. The Grand Canyon is known for temperatures over a hundred degrees, so all planes are equipped with air conditioning for complete passenger comfort. The wings of these planes are even placed higher up, so they will not block your view of the spectacular terrain below. With an advanced plane design, you don't have to worry about turbulence and rocky rides, either.

It takes less than an hour to fly from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park. Compare that to the motor coach ride that lasts over five hours and you see why so many people prefer to visit the canyon through plane rides. Driving yourself into the Grand Canyon is not recommended, and that would still be a poor alternative to cheap Grand Canyon airplane tours since it takes several hours at least.

The narration you'll hear during your flight is available in 16 languages, so you don't need to be a native English-speaker to enjoy the information. It will include a description of the landmarks you'll see along with the history and geology of the Grand Canyon. The best part is learning all of that information in a comfortable, relaxed setting.

Your visit to the Grand Canyon park can also be enhanced with optional ground trips. You can do this in complete safety, since you will be in the hands of two FAA certified pilots. For further protection, your plane will have an advanced traffic collision avoidance system and a ground proximity warning system. On top of all that, the FAA regulates the airspace over the Grand Canyon strictly, providing yet another safety measure.

Cheap Grand Canyon airplane tours can e extremely affordable, which is another perk. You'll see this right away when you compare their cost to the price of ground-tour packages, and you can reduce the price even more by finding Grand Canyon airplane discounts. You also get to see far more of the Grand Canyon in less time when you travel through the air. There is so much to see in the Grand Canyon, but you miss so much when you tour on the ground.

If you'll be in the Las Vegas area, consider taking an airplane tour over this spectacular canyon. It's easy to find and book Grand Canyon airplane deals online. In fact, the best airplane discounts are only available online. Start by doing some research into the different tour options, then find discounts and get your tickets in advance. If you do, you'll enjoy the canyon in comfort and style.

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