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  • Published July 21, 2012
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During the winter months, many plus size women are looking to find the best style, fit, and value in warm winter jackets and coats. Manufacturers have come forward with much more variety in plus size coats of all types, including classic styles such as plus size pea coats.Pea coats have become a classic part of a fashionable and versatile wardrobe.

Plus size clothing lines developed by online retailers are much more accessible online, than they would be by driving around your city, looking for just the right style in your size.Consider staying at home and let the search engine do the searching.Wouldn’t you rather be at home, with your coffee or herbal tea, in a warm cosy room, than driving all over town looking for the perfect jacket? For me, the element of convenience wins out, and saves wear and tear on my nerves and my car.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping online for plus size pea coats.It does make a difference if this is to be your primary winter jacket or coat, or of you can afford to have several of them.If you can have more than one, you have a greater choice of colour and detail then if it is to be your main winter coat.The primary winter coat should be a basic colour with traditional details, depending on how "busy" you want it to be.

Consider if you are trying to accentuate your upper body, by having brighter colours, an obvious collar, flashier buttons or trim. Are you going to be wearing warm layers under the coat? Do you need a warmer, heavier jacket for colder climates? Are the sleeves lined as well as the rest of the jacket? Plus size pea coats come in shorter jacket styles or longer coat type styles.Longer coats have a more formal, finished look, whereas jackets tend to have a more casual look.An advantage of pea coats in general is that they are versatile and can be dressy or casual, depending on the clothes and accessories that you pair with them with.With the ease and variety of online shopping, you have to do your homework too.

Check out the return policy of any retailer that you order from, before you place your order.Figure out where you fit in the sizing chart.Some retailers have a reputation for being true to size, such as land's end, but others may not be.Be sure to drag out your tape measure, even if you think you are a perfect 10.Pea coats tend to be more form fitting than other jackets.You may decide to order the next larger size, to be safe.For sure, it is much easier to find variety in style, colour and price by shopping online, than by going to the mall.You can also see if shipping is discounted or free, to come away with a sweeter deal.

Women like to follow fashion trends, from jackets to coats we watch as styles come in and go out.It is often difficult to find staples that withstand the test of time and the ever changing trends of the day.The women's pea coat is one of those staples that we can count on to remain a classy, stylish fashion without fear of being out dated.

Originally designed for navy soldiers the style has been admired since the 19th century.The pea coat's warmth and versatility has withstood the test of time.It began as a double breasted coat made from 30 oz.of wool designed to keep soldiers warm yet looking tailored and professional.Today designers have updated the original idea while keeping the warmth and versatility a priority.

You can now find women's coats like this in numerous colours and shades, made from wool or tartan.The lengths vary from traditional to three quarter length and full length and are no longer just for wearing over your women's suits.Now women can wear these coats over casual jeans, dress slacks and even over skirts.They can be belted, double or single breasted with features including removable liners making them great for all seasons.

The women's coat has stood the test of time and continues to be a staple in women's outer wear.Women from all walks of life can be seen wearing pea coats.They add glamour, style, class and flexibility to any woman's wardrobe.Their popularity will remain as the women's pea coat has never been and will never be just a fashion trend, but rather a fashion staple.

This article, based on Pea Coat Women jackets was written by Claire Harris, a longstanding lover of women’s fashion and in particular the women’s pea coat jacket.

This article, based on pea coat women jackets was written by Claire Harris, a longstanding lover of women’s fashion and in particular the women’s pea coat jacket.

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