The Best Guide to Taking an Antarctic Cruise

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  • Published July 21, 2012
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Each year, more and more people are traveling to Antarctica because of how beautiful and remote it is. To visit, most travelers embark on an Antarctic cruise that allows them to explore while gaining vast amounts of knowledge from guides and experts. Because Antarctica is such a difficult place to navigate, taking a cruise is a great way to get out and explore without taking on the dangers of doing it yourself.

How Long Do Trips Normally Take?

You can take a cruise anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks if going from port to port, which can be extended if desired. The typical cruise takes 6-7 days if flying in and then traveling aboard the ship.

Where Does The Trip Take Place & How Much Does It Cost?

$8,000 - $12,000 is the average price that a single traveler will pay to take a 10 day - 2 week cruise, which does not include the cost of airfare. The traveler can extend their time aboard if necessary, but this will include additional costs. The cruise always takes place during the Antarctic Summer when there is around 20 hours of daylight. The ships also travel through "ice-free" zones to ensure the safety and security of passengers onboard. The Antarctic Summer occurs between November and March. Ships generally like to schedule cruises between this time because outside of this time, the ship runs the risk of getting stuck in ice.

What Should I Pack?

Clothing and sunglasses are the two most essential items to pack for your cruise. Seeing as it will be somewhat cold, socks, hats, long underwear, and warm jackets are essential to keeping yourself warm when aboard the ship. Of course there will be heat on the ship, but when walking outside or going exploring, you shouldn't be in a t-shirt and shorts! When packing, travelers should bring multiple layers of clothing so they can easily adjust to temperature fluctuations. Bring wool, silk, or polypropylene material instead of cotton, as these materials keep you much warmer than cotton can. Polaroid sunglasses are also vital to bring, as the snow and ice are extremely reflective. Because of this, they can reflect the sun's harmful UV rays directly into your eyes.

Now that you know all of the various details of an Antarctic cruise, the only option left is to book your vacation! What are you waiting for? Keep in mind that these ships are less about the partying atmosphere and more about educating the traveler. By embarking on one of these cruises, you'll be able to see one of the most remote and untouched places in the world that not many get to see in their lifetime.

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